Dr Catherine Easton

Reader in Law

Research Overview

Dr Easton's research interests focus upon internet governance, domain name regulation, intellectual property, access to technology and human/computer interaction. Dr Easton also carries out research on teaching law with technology.

An Analysis of Reporting and Monitoring in Relation to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Right to Participation in Cultural Life and Intellectual Property
Easton, C.R. 29/05/2018 In: Dance, Disability and Law . Intellect ISBN: 9781783208685.

The IsITethical? Exchange: Responsible Research and Innovation for Disaster Risk Management
Buscher, M., Lujan Escalante, M.A., Kerasidou, C.X., Easton, C.R., Alter, H.C., Petersen, K., Bonnamour, M., Lund, D., Baur, A., Ammicht Quinn, R., Heesen, J., Jasmontaite, L., González Fuster, G., Boden, A., Hofmann, B., Stachowicz, A., Choraś, M., Kozik, R., Boersma, K., Comes, M., Galdon Clavell, G., Föger, N. 20/05/2018
Conference contribution/Paper

Intellectual Property Law
Easton, C.R. 26/03/2018 In: Great Debates in Gender and Law. Palgrave Macmillan
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

European Union information law and the sharing economy
Easton, C.R. 19/11/2017 In: EU Internet Law. Springer p. 163-181. 19 p. ISBN: 9783319649542. Electronic ISBN: 9783319649559.

On anonymity in disasters: Socio-technical practices in emergency management
Petersen, K.G., Buscher, M., Easton, C.R. 1/08/2017 In: Ephemera : Theory and Politics in Organization. 17, 2, p. 307-326. 20 p.
Journal article

Analysing the role of privacy impact assessments in technological development for crisis management
Easton, C.R. 03/2017 In: Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management. 25, 1, p. 7-14. 8 p.
Journal article

Information systems for crisis response and management: The EU data protection regulation, privacy by design and certification
Easton, C.R. 1/05/2016
Conference contribution/Paper

ELSI guidelines for networked collaboration and information exchange in PPDR and risk governance
Buscher, M., Becklake, S.J., Easton, C.R., Kerasidou, C.X., Oliphant, R.S., Petersen, K.G., Jasmontaite, L., Paterour, O. 12/03/2016
Conference contribution/Paper

The role of the privacy impact assessment in IT innovation in crises: an example
Easton, C., Buscher, M. 24/05/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

You will never walk again … but you will fly: human augmentation in the known world
Easton, C. 13/05/2015 In: Media and Arts Law Review . 20, 2, 12 p.
Journal article

Autonomous or 'driverless' cars and disability: a legal and ethical analysis
Bradshaw-Martin, H., Easton, C. 15/12/2014 In: Web Journal of Current Legal Issues. 20, 3
Journal article

Welfare that works?: the Universal Credit information technology system and disabled people
Easton, C. 15/12/2014 In: Web Journal of Current Legal Issues. 20, 3
Journal article

An analysis of the European Union's law and policy relating to website accessibility
Easton, C. 2014 In: Research handbook on EU internet law. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar ISBN: 9781782544166. Electronic ISBN: 9781782544173.

Cloud ethics for disaster response
Buscher, M., Easton, C., Kuhnert, M., Wietfeld, C., Ahlsen, M., Pottsbaum, J., Van Veelen, B. 2014
Conference contribution/Paper

The digital divide, inclusion and access for disabled people in IT supported emergency response systems: a UK and EU-based analysis
Easton, C. 2014
Conference contribution/Paper

Website accessibility and the European Union: citizenship, procurement and the proposed Accessibility Act
Easton, C. 21/03/2013 In: International Review of Law, Computers and Technology. 27, 1-2, p. 187-199. 13 p.
Journal article

An examination of the Internet’s development as a disabling environment in the context of the social model of disability and anti-discrimination legislation in the UK and USA
Easton, C. 2013 In: Universal Access in the Information Society. 12, 1, p. 105-114. 10 p.
Journal article

Conceptualising the rights and responsibilities of internet intermediaries in relation to user-generated content: an analysis of European Union law
Easton, C. 2013 In: International Journal of Technology Policy and Law . 1, 3, p. 283-296. 14 p.
Journal article

Response to the Government Consultation Technical review of draft legislation on copyright exceptions: education exceptions
Easton, C. 2013
Other contribution

Employing a Classroom Response System to Teach Law: A Case Study
Easton, C. 2012 In: European Journal of Law and Technology . 3, 1
Journal article

English Legal System: Course Notes
Easton, C. 2012 London : Hodder Education. 174 p. ISBN: 978-1444146585.

ICANN’s core principles and the expansion of generic top-level domain names
Easton, C. 2012 In: International Journal of Law and Information Technology. 20, 4, p. 273-290. 18 p.
Journal article

Revisiting the law on website accessibility in the light of the UK's Equality Act 2010 and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Easton, C. 2012 In: International Journal of Law and Information Technology. 20, 1, p. 19-47. 29 p.
Journal article

SCRIPT/BILETA Response to the Government Consultation "A Communications Review for a Digital Age"
Easton, C. 2011
Other contribution

The web content accessibility guidelines 2.0: an analysis of industry self-regulation
Easton, C. 2011 In: International Journal of Law and Information Technology. 19, 1, p. 74-93. 20 p.
Journal article

An examination of clicker technology use in legal education
Easton, C. 22/12/2009 In: European Journal of Law and Technology . 3
Journal article