Gale Archives Events with Gale Student Ambassador

A photograph of Gale Student Ambassador, Georgia Winrow at Lancaster University Library. Georgia is at a desk with numerous information resources, and a Gale pull up banner.
Gale Student Ambassador promoting Gale primary source archives and collections

Lancaster University Library are pleased to be working with Georgia Winrow, Gale Student Ambassador for Lancaster University this year, to promote the extensive Gale primary source archives and collections which are available to students and faculty through the library databases.

Lancaster University members currently have access to over twenty-five Gale archives, ranging from British and European social history, to twenty-first century U.S. political history. Some of the most popular archives include Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO), Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive, and The Making of the Modern World, alongside a number of national newspaper archives such as The Economist Historical Archive, and The Telegraph Historical Archive.

Each archive contains different collections of topic-specific materials to help guide the user's research. Students and other University members are able to draw upon thousands, sometimes millions of primary sources in each archive for their coursework essays, exams and independent research purposes.

As well as being able to view millions of rare and unique primary sources online, the online archives also contain functions to make the research process easier, including topic finders, term frequency graphs and the Learning Centres.

Lancaster's Gale Ambassador, Georgia, said: "The scope for research using Gale resources is truly immeasurable. Lancaster Uni students are so lucky to have such an extensive collection of primary sources at their disposal, but not everyone knows how to make the most out of the databases. So, my task for this year is to demonstrate to as many of my peers as possible the most effective ways to use the archives to our advantage."

Georgia is working on delivering a number of events to help promote the archives for students this year. Following the success of a tabletop event held on Friday 2nd December, the next Gale event will be a drop-in surgery session for students who are looking for specific guidance on how the Gale archives could supplement their research. This event will be held on Friday 9th December in A11 Group Study Space in the Library at Lancaster University.

To get in touch with your Gale Ambassador with any questions, please email Georgia Winrow ( To keep up to date with upcoming Gale archives events, and to find out more about the collections provided by Gale, follow Gale Ambassadors on Twitter.

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