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For two weeks between 20th February and 5th March 2023 we ran a trial of gathering direct feedback from Library users following interactions relating to our services, facilities and resources. We wanted to learn as much as possible about your experiences and how they might be improved.

The interactions included:

We gathered feedback using an online form, as well as a paper version in person.

We were delighted with the positive feedback we received, with an average rating of 9.7 out of 10 for the interactions that took place. We had 62 responses in total, including staff, visitors and students.

The reasons respondents gave for highly rating our provision included:

  • friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff;
  • resource searching, access and availability;
  • our speed of service;
  • our solutions to problems and providing answers;
  • library building and facilities such as study spaces,
  • our opening hours, and equipment on offer;
  • technical support;

Here are some direct quotes from our users; all anonymous feedback and comments are quoted here with permission of our respondents:

  • “During this era of info overload, I often find that meeting an expert leads to cognitive overload where I'm given so much information that I zone out. It was not like this at the library, the atmosphere was paced and informative, allowing me to digest new information and respond with questions or discussions.” – staff member
  • “I've never been tended to so quickly with such a positive response. This has been a really positive experience.” – Visitor/ external, live chat enquiry
  • “The staff are very helpful, professional and responsible. When I need help, such as to look for books or with printing or borrowing of an ethernet cable… they have responded immediately.” – LICA UG1 student, in-person enquiry
  • “...the library staff can help guide your research.” – Medical School student, UG1
  • “…the variety of sources that I have access to as a member of my department and as a student, and how to use them.” – Engineering Research Postgraduate
  • “How to improve my search terms and use of filters.” – Management Science/ Computing and Communications Taught Postgraduate

We care deeply about improving your user experience; here are some of the suggestions that were made and steps we have taken or plan to take to address them:

  • “More opened learning platforms, workshops and certification programmes (distance or online) to support international partner institutions.” – LU Ghana Library staff member – We have made LinkedIn Learning available for staff and students at Lancaster University Bailrigg, Ghana and Leipzig
  • Appointment/meeting feedback: “Give more explanation as to what the services you offer are specifically, could also provide example questions that could be asked at appointments to give a feel for what you can get out of the appointment.” – History student, UG2 – We've looked at and added to our guidance.
  • “Continuous maintenance of the printing equipment would be highly appreciated” - Physics student, UG2 – working with ISS, all printer equipment in the Library has been newly replaced, and the frontline Library team keeps an eye on the equipment to ensure its functionality
  • “Please get more physical books not just ebooks” - History student, PG – We have increased our physical books purchasing for essential readings, leisure reading and community collections
  • “Maybe being sent the PowerPoint from the session afterwards with the information included as well” –Linguistics and English Language student PG – following our sessions, where appropriate available, we will share the slides and further information with all of our attendees
  • “Make sure students know about the events, online information available at their disposal even if they are not essay based subjects.” – Maths and Stats student, UG3 – We make sure to promote all our Library and Learning Development activities in as many different places as possible, depending on individual preferences – be it in the Library building, on Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), or on our Library webpages, and we are striving to do more to reach as many interested attendees as possible. Recently, we have introduced our monthly e-newsletter - you can subscribe to receive information on our upcoming events.

We always welcome feedback on your experiences of the Library and Learning development so if you have a question, concern or suggestion, or would just like to tell us about your experiences, please email us or talk to us online or in person.

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