Students as partners Library celebration event

Staff and students at a celebration event

At the heart of the library’s vision ‘The Library Towards 2025’ is our ambition to be a library that is connected, that goes beyond providing just a service and a building and to work in partnership with all our Lancaster University communities, which includes providing students with opportunities to work with the library and have a central role in its development. We have developed a ‘students as partners approach’, employing undergraduate and postgraduate students to:

  • Ensure the student voice is embedded in all the Library and Learning Development does;
  • Co-create services, activities and spaces;
  • Increase graduate employability and academic performance; and
  • Provide paid employment for students on campus.

On 15th June we held a celebration event to recognise and celebrate the activities our students are involved in, which included representation from the following schemes at a world café style event, attended by staff and students across the Library and Learning Development, including:

  • MASH tutors
  • Reciprocal Mentoring Scheme
  • LUMS Leading Lights
  • Academic Writing Zone
  • Library Schools Ambassadors
  • English Language Assistants
  • Library Student Ambassadors
  • FASS Academic Writing Space
  • LUMS Academic Writing Zone

If you are interested in working with the Library, we advertise student roles across the year through the Employment Recruitment Service.

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