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Lancaster Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Centre

The role of robotic, autonomous and intelligent systems is coming to the fore of modern industry and technology, with deep-learning, drone delivery, driverless cars and more.

Who are we?

Lancaster Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous systems (LIRA) Research Centre was set up in early 2018 with the aim to bring together the diverse research excellence and expertise in the areas of Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous Systems (IRAS). Its core is formed by 30 academics from a range of departments across different Faculties and can be seen here. LIRA is multi-disciplinary by design. It covers aspects as diverse as engineering, computing, psychology, management, etc.

The importance of the science and engineering related to LIRA is stressed in many documents, for example, the recently published HM Government Industrial Strategy, Made Smarter Report by Siemens CEO, Juergen Mayer to name the few.

Lancaster University had a long string of successful projects funded by EPSRC, NERC, MoD, EC, industry, The Royal Society and others in these research areas and the need to bring together these research activities and, in turn, generate an environment for closer multidisciplinary collaboration, generation of new ideas, initiatives and better opportunities for the graduate students, researchers and academics led to the establishment of the Centre.

LIRA Annual Report 2019

We have recently published a report on our activities in 2019. You can request a copy by email at lira-admin@lancaster.ac.uk.


Research within LIRA is spread across eight different research themes.


LIRA is comprised of leading academics from across Lancaster University, from the Engineering Department, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster Environment Centre, the Faculty of Health and Medicine, the Management School and more. Many of them are Fellows of the IEEE, ACM or IET. Also contributing to the group are members of small-medium sized enterprises that are based at Lancaster University.

Latest News and Events

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