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Natural Sciences

Love science? We let you build your own modular degree from the best of Lancaster's science and technology courses.

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What is Natural Sciences?

A Natural Sciences degree gives you a unique opportunity to mix scientific subjects to form your own hand-picked degree. If you are interested in more than one science subject or are interested in where traditional disciplines overlap, Natural Sciences is the choice for you.

You can choose three subjects - only two of which have to be a science - to study. As you progress into your second year, you can decide to keep studying all three or to focus on the subjects that fascinate you the most.

Our Natural Sciences degree is designed to challenge the brightest students who are prepared to apply themselves across multiple disciplines. The rewards for your effort are a huge range of career choices, and the knowledge, skills and mindset to pursue a successful career.

A day in a life of a Natural Sciences student

Natural Sciences student Ella Mann-Andrews takes us through her typical day on campus, including studying in the library, attending lectures, and enjoying a crêpe in Alexandra Square.

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