Organisational Development (OD)

Organisational Development focuses on the achievement of the University’s strategy, goals and core purpose through the development of our people, processes and structures. We do this through the delivery of projects and Learning and Development initiatives that enhance the way we operate and work.

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Management School at Lancaster Bailrigg campus.

OD projects and initiatives

Organisational Development is involved in several institutional initiatives to increase organisational effectiveness and improve the wellbeing of staff. These include:

  • Organisational values – to embed our values into our processes, systems and behaviours.
  • People and Culture Plan - to describe the people's contribution to the delivery and achievement of the University Strategy.
  • Staff engagement – to seek regular feedback from staff to inform ways to increase organisational effectiveness e.g. staff surveys, pulse surveys.
  • Staff wellbeing – to heighten awareness of and action around staff wellbeing. Ensure integration of wellbeing into people policies and practices.

Accessibility, cancellation and professional development agreement

Please read our information on accessibility and cancellation for scheduled programmes and events.

A Professional Development Agreement is available to be used when a department/division funds the development.

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Meet the team

Curriculum and Education Development Academy (CEDA)

The Curriculum and Education Development Academy (CEDA) team helps translate university educational strategy into excellent teaching practice and student learning experience at Lancaster and its strategic partners. Visit the CEDA webpages to find out about teaching development programmes and qualifications, curriculum design advice, and teaching development workshops.

Curriculum and Education Development Academy (CEDA)