Ghadafi Razak

Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Current Teaching

Graduate Teaching Assistant in:

MSCI 212 Statistical Methods for Business

MSCI 102 Introduction to Operations Management

MSCI 282 Risk and Quality Management

Selected Publications

Supply chain traceability: A review of the benefits and its relationship with supply chain resilience
Razak, G., Hendry, L., Stevenson, M. 31/07/2023 In: Production Planning and Control. 34, 11, p. 1114-1134. 21 p.
Journal article

Never the twain shall meet? Attitude and behaviour gaps across the circular supply chain and consumption institutional fields
Hendry, L., Razak, G., Verma, S., Skandalis, A., Cronin, J., Hadley, C., Piacentini, M., Hardy, J., Stowell, A., Mumford, C. 2/07/2023
Conference paper

Plastic Packaging Waste Reduction in Food Supply Chains: The Role of Supply Chain Stakeholders
Razak, G., Hendry, L., Verma, S., Cronin, J., Hadley, C., Hardy, J., Mumford, C., Piacentini, M., Skandalis, A., Stowell, A. 16/06/2023
Conference paper

A taste for waste: Situating unsustainable consumption within practices & social structures
Skandalis, A., Cronin, J., Hadley, C., Piacentini, M., Hardy, J., Hendry, L., Mumford, C., Razak, G., Stowell, A., Verma, S. 16/06/2023
Conference paper

The Role of Supply Chain Traceability in Enhancing Global Supply Chain Resilience: An Emerging Economy Perspective
Razak, G., Stevenson, M., Hendry, L. 23/02/2022
Conference paper

Polyphony or cacophony?: Exploring multiple stakeholder values and situated dialogues within the process of polymer recycling
Mumford, C., Stowell, A., Hardy, J., Piacentini, M., Hadley, C., Hendry, L., Razak, G., Skandalis, A., Cronin, J. 1/06/2023
Conference paper

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