Resilience and Family Business Workshop - Apr 2022

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Resilience and Family Business Workshop - Apr 2022

This 2 day event, on 28 and 29 April 2022, brought together over 30 representatives of family business (individually and representative bodies); policy makers, and academic contributors to enter into frank, and generative, dialogue about the concept of resilience and its multiple interpretations through the lenses of planet, place and people – all within the context of family business.

This dedicated resource provides an overview of how our collective project is applying diverse perspectives to the complex challenge of building resilience in family business.

Resilience is a theme for our times. Recent global events including the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the escalating climate crisis, and movements such as #Metoo and Black Lives Matter exposing systemic inequalities, are putting pressure on organisations to rethink how they do business and how they contribute to the health and wellbeing of their workforces, their communities and their environment.

As major contributors to the global economy, and with an eye to securing the business for future generations family businesses are a perfect site to interrogate how businesses adapt and transform to build resilient organisations that can positively deal with change and thrive in difficult times.

The workshop was co-organised by:

Summary of the workshop

This four page document summarises the content and outcomes of the workshop.

Download Resilience and Family Business Apr 22 workshop report

Four perspectives on resilience

An overview of the themes and concepts covered during the event, from each of the four co-organisers.

Jan Bebbington

Jan Bebbington, Director of the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business at Lancaster University, gives her perspective on resilience.

Allan Discua Cruz

Allan Discua Cruz, Director of the Centre for Family Business at Lancaster University Management School, gives his perspective on resilience.

Valerie Stead

Valerie Stead, Director of the Academy for Gender, Work and Leadership at Lancaster University Management School, gives her perspective on resilience.

Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison, Director of the Work Foundation at Lancaster University Management School, gives his perspective on resilience.

Keynote presentations

Three keynote presentations were delivered during the workshop. The slide decks of each are available to download below. Please don't reproduce without permission.

Day 1

Fundamentals of Resilience in the Anthropocene Biosphere - Henrik Österblom, Science Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre

The Planet and Resilience - Duncan Pollard, Honorary Professorial Fellow, Pentland Centre

Day 2

People, Places and Resilience - Susan Murray, Director, David Hume Institute

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Reflections on the workshop

Watch the video below to hear what some attendees got out of the workshop.

Reflections on the workshop

Sara Brennan, Positive Business Director at Pentland Brands, and Professor Helen Tregidga, Royal Holloway, share their reflections as participants in the Resilience and Family Business Workshop, Lancaster University, 28-29 Apr 2022

More work on resilience and family business

Explore related work on resilience and family business.

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