Sustainability Intervention Research

Aerial view of allotments - areas of land allocated to residents to grow food- in Brighton & Hove UK

[Image credit: Joe Hayes, Pexels]

This area of work addresses how to integrate insights from place-based sustainability innovations, transitions or transformations in such a way that knowledge and understanding is available for others to draw from to inform their own practices.

The difficulty of doing this is substantial because place-based interventions are shaped by the nature of the circumstances that pertain to particular places, and sustainability interventions can and do take many forms!

Regardless, the need and desirability to share learning in a way that will allow innovation to cross-fertilise is necessary if we are to transition to more sustainable systems at pace. We are in the process of drawing knowledge from a sample of place-based urban sustainability projects to understand how project champions think about transitions towards sustainability, as well as how they draw from and feed into other projects.

If you would like to have more information on this project please be in touch with Professor Jan Bebbington.

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