Oct 2020 Pentland Centre Publications Newsflash

White bookshelves in a library, with rows of close-packed colourful spines of books.

Stowell, A., Hardy, J., Cass, N. & Stewart, H. (2020). Organic electronics: benefits, barriers and opportunities: A violet biotechnology understanding of organic electronics with a focus on display technology. Lancaster University Management School. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4058351

Sayers, M., Silva, C., Schaer, O., Stowell, A., Yumashev, D., Downes, S., Grantham, L., Laundon, C. & McCoach, H. (2020) Electrical Waste - challenges and opportunities: An Independent study on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) flows in the UK.

Giménez-Fernández, E., Beukel, K., Tyler, B., Spielmann, N., Cerrato, D., Discua Cruz, A., Minciullo, M. (2020) Should we patent it or keep it a secret?: The moderating role of proactive orientation in family versus non-family SMEs. International Small Business Journal.

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