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Welcome to REACT

Welcome to REACT

REACT is the Relatives Education And Coping Toolkit, an online self-help package or toolkit for relatives and friends of people with mental health problems associated with psychosis or bipolar. It was put together by a team of people with expertise in this area, including clinicians, researchers and relatives of people with psychosis or bipolar.

Please watch the animation below to find out more about REACT.

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We have recently completed two projects:

  • A clinical trial to test whether REACT is effective in reducing distress in relatives and increasing their wellbeing.
    The findings are summarised in the animated video below.

  • An implementation study to explore what key factors influence the implementation of REACT in NHS early Intervention Services.
    View the findings, summarised in this paper.

To find resources related to the REACT and IMPART studies please click on the ‘REACT Trial Resources’ or ‘IMPART Resources’ menus at the top of the page.

We have used the feedback from the REACT Trial and IMPART study to update the content and improve the look and feel of the site.
For any questions about the REACT site or opportunity to be a clinical host please contact Fiona Lobban.

Email: Telephone: 01524 593752
Address: Professor Fiona Lobban, C74, Spectrum, DHR, Furness College, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YW