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At the same time with the REACT trial (see more under ‘Evidence’ section), the REACT team was also interested and explored what influences the use of the interactive REACT website in Early Intervention NHS Teams and this website section summarises our work related to implementing REACT in NHS.

As part of the IMPART study (Implementation a Relatives’ toolkit) the REACT Team observed the work taking place in NHS Trusts to implement and use REACT and interviewed relatives and staff members in Six NHS Trusts, 3 from the South and 3 from the North of England (as part of the IMPART study). The Research Team worked with one Trust from the South and one Trust from the North at one time, and learned what happened in these Trusts to develop an implementation plan. The new plan was then shared and further developed in collaboration with another Trust in the South and one in the North. Learning from these second wave Trusts was then shared with the third Trusts from both the South and the North. In this study, relatives and staff members were not only research participants, but they had an active role in developing the various (improved) versions of the implementation plans by sharing their experiences of using REACT as part of their clinical services. More information about the design of this implementation study is available below. The results will be available in September 2019 on this website. These results will be very important and will make REACT unique.

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