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  • Science on an ice shelf - working in Antarctica

    Dr Amy Valach, who recently finished a PhD in Environmental Science at Lancaster University, writes about her work as a research scientist at the Halley Research Station. Earlier this year she featured on a BBC Horizon programme about Halley, called “Ice Station”.

  • Save our soils!

    Soils are in a bad way and the Government is doing little to help - indeed its policies are making the problems worse, writes Professor John Quinton, welcoming the hard hitting report on soil health, published recently by MPs.

  • Secrets in the sands of Burma

    Himalayan geologist Yani Najman travels to a remote corner of Myanmar to reveal the history of the world’s highest mountains.

  • Tracking the mysterious African river martin

    Dr Stuart Sharp reports back from an expedition to the Congo searching for an elusive African bird, about which almost nothing is known.

  • Meeting the decision makers

    Dr Jacob Phelps and MSc researcher Sophie Banks got a political education when attending global talks on illegal wildlife trade 

  • Work with nature – not against it

    Masters student Duncan Nicholls spent a three month internship researching and mapping schemes which use natural processes to reduce flood risk across Great Britain

  • Rising above the challenges

    Dr Justina Ukpebor explains the challenges facing women scientists in her African homeland, and how Lancaster University is helping her, and other scientists, overcome them.

  • Urban agriculture

    Cities across Europe, including Lancaster, are increasingly growing their own food, says PhD student Dennis Touliatos after attending an urban agriculture training school in his hometown, Athens.

  • Selling nature won’t work

    Nature can’t pay it’s own way, so let’s take the market out of conservation argues Dr Benjamin Neimark

  • Remember Hurricane Katrina

    Remembering Hurricane Katrina

    On the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, coastal scientist Dr Suzi Ilic remembers visiting New Orleans and seeing first hand how the management, and mismanagement, of a coastline can effect lives.