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  • James Lester American Dream

    Studying and partying in Oregon

    In the second of two blogs about studying abroad, geography student James Lester gives his take on the ‘American dream’

  • Laurence hawker, grand canyon masthead

    A Brit in Boulder

    In the first of two blogs about studying abroad, Lancaster geography student Laurence Hawker compares a British and American university education.  

  • Jaguar with infrared camera masthead

    The Green Ocean

    PhD student Amy Valach, recently returned from her first visit to the tropics, describes a research project which is measuring trace gas emissions from pristine forest and her first encounters with Amazonian wildlife. 

  • De-icer treatment trials take-off at Manchester Airport

    PhD student Andy Freeman explains how a new de-icer treatment system could provide the solution to one of the most challenging environmental issues facing modern day airports.

  • 500 million year field trip

    Dr Jacqueline Owen accompanied new undergraduates on their first field trip where they discovered a Britain with the climate of Barbados.  

  • Hannah Newton Blog masthead

    The Beauty in Science

    Dr Hannah Newton, organiser of the recent outreach exhibition ‘The Beauty in Science’, reviews the successes and public feedback from the project.

  • The Secret of Youth for Meerkat Mothers?

    Dr Stuart Sharp, recently appointed as a lecturer in animal ecology, explains how the cooperative breeding system of meerkats may reduce the ageing effects of bearing offspring.

  • The Secret of Youth for Meerkat Mothers?

    Anyone who saw the recent episode of BBC Two’s Natural World “Meerkats: Secrets of An Animal Superstar” will know that the Kalahari Meerkat Project, led by Professor Tim Clutton-Brock at the University of Cambridge, is one of the world’s longest running animal behaviour studies.

  • Nibbling an elephant - a summer research placement

    Someone once said that choosing a career path is like trying to eat an elephant – you don’t know where to take the first bite.  Environmental Biology student Jonathan Harvey took his first mouthful this summer, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • vesta

    Ancient volcanic activity on asteroids

    Emeritus Professor Lionel Wilson explains how data from the spacecraft Dawn show that the same kinds of volcanic eruptions that happen on Earth now took place on some asteroids 4570 million years ago.