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  • Extreme weather - how can science influence policy?

    Lancaster PhD student, Joe Acton, spent three months working in the Royal Society seeing how the UK’s top scientists try to ensure their work influences policy 

  • Sam Robinson

    A Brazilian excursion

    Sam Robinson experiences Brazilian wildlife and night life while researching the restoration of degraded forest in one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots for his masters dissertation. 

  • Antje

    Talking to top horticulturalists in Brisbane

    Antje Fiebig found herself presenting her PhD research on effective plant watering systems to the world’s top horticulturalists in Australia, after winning a prestigious travel scholarship.

  • Jon Harvey

    Keys, tromping and water quality

    MSc International Innovation student Jonathan Harvey developed his understanding of environmental protection and management, and his appreciation of invertebrates, during a summer internship with the Environment Agency. 

  • croatia_lake_874x289

    Life as Erasmus students in Zagreb

    Molly Sander, Katie Shearston and Daisy McMurdo discover student living in Croatia while spending the summer in Zagreb researching and writing their dissertations.

  • Mull 874x289

    Mapping the geology of the Isle of Mull

    Earth and Environmental Science student Thomas Burke sees puffins, spectacular scenery and some interesting weather while creating  a geological map of the Isle of Mull during a residential field module.

  • pigs at dump 874x289

    Researching human exposure to toxic organic pollutants in Sierra Leone

    PhD student Alhaji Ibrahim Sankoh meets scavengers living on waste dumps and farm workers working with dangerous pesticides while researching the damage caused by widespread chemical contamination on the people and environment of his homeland. 

  • Yani Najman

    The adventures of a Himalayan geologist

    Geologist Dr Yani Najman scours the Indian Himalaya, searching for evidence of when the mountain belt was formed. Scaling the mountains and finding the right rocks is only half the battle. 

  • ws-with-students874x289

    A field trip to Europe’s biodiversity hotspot - generation Δ

    On the final day of the Lancaster Environment Centre’s annual trip to Doñana National Park in southern Spain, Professor Nigel Paul reflects on how field work has changed in the past 60 years, and on the future challenges facing a new generation of ecologists and biologists

  • A field trip to Europe’s biodiversity hotspot – eucalyptus, storks and crayfish

    On the sixth day of their field course, Professor Nigel Paul describes how the students leave the Doñana National Park in southern Spain and head for the city of Sevilla, learning about the perils of invasive species en route.