29 August 2013 16:30

Tuesday 3 September to Thursday 5 September, Lancaster University, UK

The Annual Meeting of British Society of Soil Science - Soil Science and Biogeochemistry: translating across temporal and spatial scales - is being held at the Lancaster Environment Centre this year.

Keynote speakers include  Prof Dan Richter from Duke University, USA  and  Dr Benjamin Turner  from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama. Other highlights include over 20 talks, a field visit to the Eden Demonstration Test Catchment, Soil Cafes and a dedicated poster session.  

During the day long field visit there will be:

  • demonstrations of precision nutrient sampling and a discussion with James Turner of Brackenburgh Estates on how he uses the information to minimise nutrient losses and maximise crop yields;
  • a demonstration of soil surface monitoring using computer vision by LEC’s  Dr Mike James;
  • a demonstration of soil compaction management with Will Cleasby of the Eden Rivers Trust;
  • a visit to the peatlands of the northern Pennines.

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