PhD programmes in Accounting and Finance

The Department of Accounting and Finance at Lancaster is committed to recruiting the finest calibre PhD students of all backgrounds from all over the world.

‌We strive to attain the highest level of academic excellence in teaching and research in pursuit of our goal of producing graduates and researchers who reflect the institution's high-quality standards with distinction and honour. As an international research and academic training institute, we are proud to host excellent research students from a wide range of nationalities.

Our department offers intensive 4-year PhD programmes in both Accounting and Finance. These are full-time doctoral programmes and we do not currently offer PhD study by distance-learning or on a part-time basis.

During the first year, PhD students are required to complete a portfolio of PhD level courses and seminars covering accounting and finance theory, econometric and statistical methods and research methodology. The detailed programme structure can be found here. Further details of the programme can found in the PhD Accounting & Finance handbook 2016/17

Doctoral researchers with excellent results then continue with the doctoral thesis, leading up to the final defence of the thesis in the ‘viva’ examination.

Our department typically admits up to ten new PhD candidates each year. All our students are required to participate in the research activities of the department and to attend full-time throughout the period of study. There are many opportunities for networking with our international partners and attending workshops and conferences. We provide an excellent research environment for our doctoral researchers, including dedicated office space, access to many specialised datasets and databases as well as scientific computing facilities and IT support.

More information on how to apply for a PhD in Accounting and Finance.