MBA alumni profiles

Discover what graduates of our two MBA programmes, Full-time and Executive, think about studying on the Lancaster MBA programme.




Dario Maglione

Full-time MBA, 2012

Aerospace engineer Dario started his own import-export business - trading between China, India and Italy - while still on the MBA.

Ian Huggins

Executive MBA, 2011

Completing his Executive MBA in Singapore, Ian changed jobs during the programme. He is now General Manager for Unique System in Dubai.

Emmanuel Eni Amadi

Executive MBA, 2011

Emmanuel visited China on one of his EMBA electives, which prompted the opening of a new family business.

Alero Abbey

Executive MBA, 2011

Alero used the EMBA to generate new ideas for her work as manager of one of the London Underground's business units.

Michelle Farber

Full-time MBA, 2011

After her MBA Michelle set up her own consulting firm in the UK - Farber Strategies Ltd.

Rajasekar Sukumar

Full-time MBA, 2011

Rajasekar reflects on how the MBA prepared him for tough recruitment rounds. He now works in London for Aditi Technologies.

Kunj Sheth

Full-time MBA, 2011

With a background in market research, Kunj is now working as a Pricing Strategy Analyst for Cummins Power Generation in the UK.

Andrew Ponnambalam

Full-time MBA, 2011

Andrew is now CEO of a company in Sri Lanka providing support in the Asian region for leading international apparel brands.

Ritesh Sagar

Full-time MBA, 2011

After finishing his MBA, Ritesh became a client partner with SAP in India. Here he talks about his job-hunting, and the help he received while on the programme.

Laura Gonzalez Betancourt

Full-time MBA, 2011

Laura now works as a change consultant for EDF Energy in the UK.

Shameer Pirani

Full-time MBA, 2011

Shameer reports on his career journey following the Lancaster full-time MBA programme.

Mandy Varley

Full-time MBA, 2010

In this newspaper interview shortly after she graduated, Mandy reflects on how she hopes to use her MBA. She now works as a campaign marketing manager in London.