MBA alumni profiles

Discover what graduates of our two MBA programmes, Full-time and Executive, think about studying on the Lancaster MBA programme.




Gaston Gomez Armesto

Full-time MBA, 2008

Gaston has switched sector since completing his MBA and now works in a strategic role for the power generation company Cummins.

Brian Goold

Full-time MBA, 2008

After an extensive career in airline fleet management, Brian is helping to establish a new subsidiary for a US firm.

Anna Yeh

Full-time MBA, 2008

With a media and journalism background, Anna used the MBA to switch her career into marketing. She now works for Procter & Gamble in Taiwan.

Cobe Zhu

Full-time MBA, 2008

A financial specialist, Cobe took the MBA to broaden his knowledge. After his summer internship with Lehman Brothers, he has rejoined CITIC.

Maxim Ruzanov

Full-time MBA, 2008

After completing a study abroad programme at St Gallen as part of his MBA, Maxim has rejoined his original employer, one of Russia's leading electrical engineering companies.

Thi Minh Y Nguyen

Full-time MBA, 2008

Thi Minh Y looks back on her strategic marketing summer project for an NHS Trust.

Ben Harper

Full-time MBA, 2008

Ben, a qualified doctor, describes some of the joys and challenges of completing an MBA with a family in tow.

Oluwafunke Amobi

Full-time MBA, 2008

A HR professional with over 17 years' experience, Oluwafunke returned to Nigeria after her MBA to work for MTN Nigeria Communications.

Carsten Engh

Full-time MBA, 2007

Carsten completed his MBA summer project with Apple, then worked for global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney. He now works for Aker Solutions.

Mitul Dave

Full-time MBA, 2007

A former merchant navy officer, Mitul now works for an investment bank in the Netherlands.

Roxanne D'Souza

Full-time MBA, 2007

Roxanne had worked for Ernst & Young for two years before starting her MBA. She now works for Deloitte Consulting in the UK.

Eliot Powell

Executive MBA, 2007

As MD of a firm of insurance brokers, Eliot used the EMBA to prepare himself for taking the business in new strategic directions