Practical sessions

The Career Advancement Programme offers a variety of practice sessions that will lead to success in the recruitment process, give valuable insights into recruitment practices and develop employability skills more broadly.


Lancaster FT MBA students practise to become great interviewees. We create a tailored scenario using seasoned professionals who give detailed feedback that you would rarely receive from a recruiter. This way you test whether you are aiming at an appropriate level for your next role, receive advice on refining your application documentation and hone your performance at interview.

Assessment centres

Familiarity with the concepts and procedures involved in assessment centres helps students to focus on the task and improve performance. In this session you will learn the purpose and design of assessment centres and gain understanding of the relationship between assessment centre activities and work roles. Taking part in assessment centre group exercises gives you the opportunity to receive feedback on your impact, style and areas for development. 

Case study interviews

The approach to case studies and their role in the selection process is demonstrated through case study practice that begins with a plenary session covering the types that might be encountered, how to deal with time pressures and integrate learning from the MBA programme. This is followed by one-to-one case study practice sessions with an external consultant.

These sessions are available for those studying at the Lancaster campus. We also run remote sessions by request.