Your Career Advancement Programme

Each MBA class is different and each individual has his or her own interests and ideas for their future advancement. The Lancaster MBA is committed to making the CAP relevant for the class and for each individual within the class.

Alongside the events and class sessions, you will be encouraged to contact the CAP Manager for one-to-one sessions to discuss your particular situation. By testing ideas and different approaches together, we can identify the most appropriate path - the one that is most likely to lead to success in reaching the career goal of your choice.

Defining career success

While we are keen for our all graduates to develop stellar careers, we are aware that success is measured differently by each person. Our aim is to help you to research and select your own career path while being realistic about achievability and timescale. Elements to bear in mind will be your determination, your past work experience, your educational background and, of course, job availability. Students are supported to record their career thinking at specific review points during the programme and as new alumni.

The CAP Manager is available to help refine and test ideas and you will also discuss ideas with other members of the class, within your own networks, and with Lancaster MBA mentors (on the full-time MBA). Ultimately the decisions you make will be your own, and the effectiveness of the career plan will depend on the effort each individual puts in. Staff at Lancaster are not able to "place" students in work. It will be your responsibility to take charge of your development, decisions, preparation and job seeking.

It starts with you

We help students to think about the people, education, culture, events, past work and experiences that have made them what they are today, and how these elements make them different from other people.

We embark on the practical process of getting there – working on competencies and skills, marketing via CVs, and improving interview and presentation style. The CAP sessions test the rigour of ideas about your future and their viability against previous experience, the current market and your potential.

Elements covered by the programme include:

  • Self-analysis and motivation
  • Career research tools and techniques
  • Guest and alumni sessions
  • Sector briefings
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • CV design
  • Interview techniques
  • Assessment centres
  • Case-study interviews

Students may also request additional sessions if they find a particular need or interest within the class.