The programme

Offering a truly transformational experience, the Lancaster full-time MBA is a one-year programme in the UK, in which you live and study alongside experienced and ambitious professionals from all over the world.

Through a mix of learning opportunities – in the classroom and in organisations – you explore what it really means to be a strategic leader, and at the end of the year, you emerge more aware, more confident and more capable, ready for the next step in your career.

Aims and philosophy

Here at Lancaster we are preoccupied with building the 'attitudes of mind' and skills that you will require to be highly effective at the most senior levels of management.

Our MBA programme is unique in its focus. We are focused on developing your practical wisdom – your capacity for judgment in the turbulent and ambiguous world of international business.

This MBA programme, like most MBAs, will equip you with all the necessary language, tools and techniques of business and management: from Economics to Entrepreneurship, from Accounting to Marketing, and from Operations to Finance and to Strategy. You'll gain a deep understanding of the functions of business and the complexity of organisations and markets.

While we ensure you acquire this vital knowledge, our focus is on you developing your capacity to mindfully deploy this learning in the real world in which business is practised. It is a volatile complex world of ambiguity and deep uncertainty – it is, as we say here at Lancaster, a wicked world that is suffused with opportunity and threat, one far removed from the caricature of the textbooks. It is for this reason that we focus on the development of your practical wisdom – your Phronesis as Aristotle termed it – your capacity for judgement. We attack this through our Mindful Manager, Leading Mindfully and Core Capabilities modules, that weave together, throughout the programme, deep philosophical learnings and practical skill development around, and through, four Action-learning opportunities.

If you aspire to lead or build a business, you should do a Lancaster MBA.

Key features

  • A world-class MBA, taught by internationally respected faculty and experienced business practitioners.
  • A small class size to facilitate learning and close contact with faculty.
  • A highly diverse cohort - usually with more than 15 different ethnicities represented, with backgrounds as diverse as the fine arts and nuclear engineering.
  • Our unique Mindful Manager module which develops your business judgement and decision-making ability.
  • A Core Capabilities module that drives the rapid development of your essential practical skills.
  • Learning Through Action, where we create practical real-world experience for you via business challenges.
  • A dedicated Career Advancement Programme to help you achieve your ambitions.
  • An international module where you examine how business is done in a part of the world with which you are unfamiliar. 
  • Find out more about the programme curriculum, including Study Abroad options – and read our graduate profiles to discover where the Lancaster Full-time MBA has taken some of our students.