The MBA Corporate Challenge

A business-based consulting project or internship taking place over two months in the summer.

The Corporate Challenge is the fourth of the Lancaster MBA’s action-learning challenges, and builds on the Business Management Challenge, the Entrepreneurial Challenge, and the Consultancy Challenge. This final consulting project is the climax of the MBA; it pulls together all the learning of the year, and sometimes leads directly to offers of employment.

It is a tough challenge, and a hugely developmental experience.

The clients and forms of project vary from year to year as the projects revolve around real issues faced by our collaborating companies at the time.

You will be expected to undertake research, and compile your findings and recommendations into a formal client report. The client will pay all reasonable expenses incurred by your team that are jointly agreed by both parties

We strive to ensure that all students have the opportunity to undertake their Corporate Challenge in London; although if we succeed in securing projects of the appropriate character near Lancaster we will make these available to students. If a number of students prefer not to be London-based for this final challenge, we will work hard to secure suitable projects in the North of England.
Accommodation costs in London are higher than in Lancaster – we will assist you with this cost difference, and in the securing of suitable accommodation in the capital.

Alternative options


This popular option is particularly suited to those who already have contacts with particular companies and are able to arrange their own internship. This can be either in the UK or abroad.

Research-based dissertation

It is also possible to do an extended piece of in-depth research, guided by a member of academic staff, on a topic of your own choosing. To do this, you will first need to write a formal research proposal.


The assessment you complete depends on which form of work you undertake:

  • For the Corporate Challenge project, in addition to your team’s client report (this is formally assessed - 40% of marks), you must also submit an individual reflective essay (60% of the marks)
  • Those doing an internship write an extended reflective essay
  • With an academic research-based study (15,000 words), you will be expected to follow a more traditional model of academic dissertation