Lay Member Recruitment

Lancaster University is seeking lay members for three of its Research Ethics Committees. 

There are two vacancies for lay members on Faculty Committees which review applications for ethical approval of research projects and comprise of academic members of staff, students and lay members.There is also a vacancy for the University Research Ethics Committee which occasionally reviews ethics applications and is mostly responsible for policy and decision making.

Although these roles role may suit candidates from a legal, research, NHS or audit/risk management background lay members can be from a diversity of backgrounds and do not need to have specialist knowledge. Some training on the Faculty Ethics Committees’ review processes will be provided.

Ideally applicants should have no vested interest in research and issues which the committees review and be independent of the university. Because their role is to bring different perspectives to discussions about research projects (as well as other issues relating to research) lay members’ participation in committee meetings is integral to the ethical review process which is intended to protect research participants in particular.

These are voluntary (unpaid) roles but reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.

For an informal discussion about the roles please contact one of the Committee Secretaries:

Debbie Knight, FASS-LUMS Research Ethics Committee:
Email, Phone (01524) 592605 

Becky Case, FST Research Ethics Committee:
Email:, Phone (01524) 593987

Expressions of interest should be sent via email by 27th April, 2018. They should outline your interest in the committee, which committee you would like be part of and your relevant experience, please send them to the named people above.


Researcher Representative - UREC

Are you interested in being part of shaping the university ethics processes?

The overarching University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) is looking for a contract researcher or research student to join the committee. Committee members will be appointed for 2 years, renewable twice.

UREC reports to the Research Committee and is responsible for:

  • The ongoing review of the University’s Research Ethics Policy, including providing guidance on its interpretation and oversight and review of policies and guidelines on good research conduct and the principles of research integrity.
  • Ensuring institutional adherence to the Ethics Policy and the University's associated procedures.
  • Promoting awareness and understanding of ethical issues and good conduct in research throughout the University.
  • Providing advice on any ethical matters relating to research that are referred to it from within the University.  This may include arranging or conducting ethics reviews on an exceptional basis to deal with special circumstances which cannot be dealt with by FRECs, e.g. where specific confidentiality requirements apply.
  • Keeping abreast of externally-driven developments, policies and regulations concerning research ethics and research integrity ensuring that the University meets all necessary requirements.
  • On an annual basis provide a report to Research Committee following an assessment of the Committee’s own performance and efficiency with any recommendations for change as necessary

Expressions of interest from contract researchers or research students should be sent to UREC Secretary Becky Gordon via email by 16th March, 2018.