What Will You Study

We welcome applications from those seeking to perform leading fundamental and technologically relevant research for the degree of PhD. Research opportunities are available within each of our research areas, which are broadly categorised as:

  • Analytical chemistry and spectroscopy
  • Chemical biology and soft-matter
  • Chemical theory and chemical computation
  • Energy materials, catalysis and sustainable chemistry
  • Supramolecular and structural chemistry
  • Synthetic chemistry

Our PhDs, whilst predominantly research based, are supported by a selection of taught courses providing skills in many modern research techniques, including analytical chemistry, experimental design, advanced laboratory techniques, spectroscopy and computational chemistry, together with courses to develop your transferable skills. This ensures that our postgraduate students extend their knowledge of all areas of chemistry, and possess a wide range of skills to aid employability.

Chemistry at Lancaster prides itself in its research transcending traditional discipline boundaries, for example linking with Biology and Medicine, Engineering, the Lancaster Environment Centre, and Physics. The Department is a friendly, inclusive environment that actively encourages collaboration with other members of Chemistry, with other disciplines within the University, and the global community, enabling us to tackle real-world applications in unique ways.

You should feel free to contact us with any enquiries about our research, and about the possibility of undertaking a research degree here in Lancaster. If you have a particular project in mind, please feel free to contact directly the appropriate member of staff.

As our team of academic staff is set to expand over the coming months and years, further research opportunities may become available. You should check the Chemistry department’s website for current information on our staff and the potential research projects we offer.