What Will You Study

The Integrated PhD

The Integrated PhD is a doctoral programme, typically lasting from 3 and a half to 4 years, for students without an appropriate Masters qualification, particularly those from outside Europe and North America. It offers students a thorough grounding in research methods and subject knowledge before concentrating on their doctoral thesis

The Integrated PhD places greater emphasis than is usually the case in the UK on structured research and subject training (which are formally assessed).

Interim qualifications are offered to students who decide to leave before completing the full PhD or who are not thought suitable for doctoral study. These interim qualifications are the MRes degree and the MPhil.

Normally students are expected to take around  4 years to complete all phases of the PhD. This makes it especially suitable for new graduates and for those who are not yet sure of their exact research topic.

Year 1 - The MRes degree

The MRes is a Masters in Research degree, a taught Masters course lasting twelve months providing structured research training, comprising both taught and research elements. The MRes course has three elements:


  • A full load of Masters-level taught Economics modules, including appropriate theory and quantitative techniques, with options chosen by students in consultation with their supervisors.
  • Management Research courses on philosophies and methodologies of research.
  • An MRes dissertation of around 15,000 words representing an extended research proposal and an initial critical survey of theories and methodologies relevant to the doctoral research topic. This begins in April and effectively marks the start of work on the doctoral thesis.

Progression to MPhil/PhD is normally dependent upon successful completion of the MRes with an average overall mark of at least 60 per cent. MRes students in Economics are often required to obtain higher marks in particular elements of the MRes; for example, at least 65 per cent in key modules relating to their proposed area of research and in their dissertation.

Years 2, 3 and 4 

Students who pass the MRes progress to MPhil/PhD registration in the 2nd year of the Programme and are expected to complete their thesis before the end of Year 4.