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With over 40 academic members from more than 15 countries, the Department of Economics has a strong research base that spans a wide range of theoretical and applied issues. Our research activities inform teaching, bringing the latest insights from the research frontier to all levels of education to continually update the content of our courses.

Staff members within the Department have undertaken prominent research projects in a number of areas: education economics, labour economics, industrial organisation, international trade, macroeconomics, financial markets, economic development, political economy, and time-series econometrics. We are proud of our reputation and how these research activities lead to high quality teaching and personal attention to students at all stages of study.

Teaching & Research

Our undergraduate, Masters and PhD courses are structured to provide a solid foundation in economic principles while also allowing choice in order to appeal to a broad spectrum of interests. They will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities in business and other areas.

Engaging with Business

Not all parts of the world and all businesses have been equally affected by Covid-19. Read the latest article from Professor Marwan Izzeldin, explaining how the pandemic has affected different nations and sectors of the economy to varying degrees.

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 We organise a weekly seminar series and a range of conferences and workshops. For past events, please visit our Events Archive.