What Will You Study

Designed for students from all disciplinary backgrounds, the MSc Management programme assumes no prior knowledge of the areas covered in the modules. It draws on the teaching strengths of departments across the entire Management School, and your tutors will be specialists active in both teaching and research. This breadth is combined with depth of study via pathways in Management, Strategic Management and Project Management, which allow you to develop a specialism to reflect your interests and career objectives.

Subject knowledge is only part of the story – effective managers and employees also need a complement of other important skills.  Within the programme, there are modules that offer you the chance to work, like external consultants, on company-based projects, tackling a real issue identified by a client/organisation. You gain organisational experience to add to your CV – and the company gains from your thinking. It is an ideal way to see how the ideas and concepts you gather throughout the MSc translate into day-to-day management.

For those who would like to venture abroad, there are opportunities to take part in a period of study at one of our international partner institutions. You can extend your networks even further, and perhaps hone your foreign language skills in preparation for an international management career.


The MSc Management offers a number of different pathways through the programme, allowing you the scope to explore certain subjects in more depth and develop a specialisation.  Currently, the pathways offered are:

  • Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Management

You do not have to decide at the start of the programme which one of these pathways you will follow – you make your choice partway through the first term, once you have formed an idea of which subject areas interest you most and which may be most valuable to your career plans.