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Reports on Productions

Gibson, James M. Royal Visits and Civic Ceremony: A Research Opportunity     Find 30 39–44
Gomez Lara, Manuel, Geoff Lester, & Rafael Portillo Easter Processions in Puente Genil, Cordóba, Spain     Find 9:2 93–124
Gras, Henk The Ludus de Decem Virginibus and the Reception of Represented Evil     Find 11 175–186
Gras, Henk Theatre by the Book? Some Thoughts on Kipling's Fouquet     Find 23 97–99
Greenfield, Peter Using Dramatic Records: History, Theory, Southampton’s Musicians     Find 17 76–95
Grijp, Louis Boys and Female Impersonators in the Amsterdam Theatre of the Seventeenth Century     Find 28 131–170
Guinle, Francis Songs in Tudor Drama: Forms and Meaning     Find 16 91–115
Hamblin, Vicki & Vincent Corrigan Music and Performance in Three French Hagiographic Mystery Plays     Find 35 95–139
Happé, Peter Acting the York Mystery Plays: A Consideration of Modes     Find 10:2 112–116
Happé, Peter Aspects of Dramatic Technique in Thomas Garter’s Susanna     Find 8:1 61–63
Happé, Peter The Devil in the Interludes, 1550–1577     Find 11 42–56
Happé, Peter Mystery Plays and the Modern Audience     Find 2:2 98–100
Happé, Peter Properties and Costumes in the Plays of John Bale     Find 2:2 55–65
Happé, Peter ‘The restless mind that would never raging leave’: Jasper Heywood’s Thyestes     Find 27 16–33
Happé, Peter Spectacle in Bale and Heywood     Find 16 51–65
Happé, Peter, and others Thoughts on ‘Transvestism’ by Divers Hands     Find 5:2 110–122
Happé, Peter, and Elsa Strietman Three Dutch Rhetoricians Plays     Find 26 all
Happé, Peter Review: ‘What is ane King?’: Lyndsay’s Satire of the Three Estate, June 2013     Find 35 140–147l
Hardwick, Paul The York Masons’ Monkey-Business     Find 21 79–86
Harris, Max Composing Music for the Feast of Fools: the case of the Kyrie Asini.     Find 25 71–83
Harris, Max From Iraq to the English Morris: the early history of the skirted hobbyhorse.     Find 25 71–83
Heap, Carl On Performing Mankind     Find 4:2 93–103
Heap, Carl, and others Thoughts on ‘Transvestism’ by Divers Hands     Find 5:2 110–122
Hindley, Alan Staging the Old French Moralité: The Case of Les Enfants de Maintenant     Find 16 77–90
Horner, Olga Fulgens and Lucres: An Historical Perspective     Find 15 49–86
Horner, Olga The Law That Never Was – a Codicil: the case of The Just Vengeance     Find 24 104–115
Horner, Olga The Law That Never Was: A Review of Theatrical Censorship in Britain     Find 23 34-96
Horner, Olga The Parliament of Heaven: theological exposition or legal argument?     Find 25 153–176
Horner, Olga Susanna’s Double Life     Find 8:2 76–102
Horner, Olga ‘Us Must Make Lies’: Witness, Evidence, and Proof in the York Resurrection     Find 20 24–76
Humphrey, Chris ‘To Make a New King’: Seasonal Drama and Local Politics in Norwich, 1443     Find 17 29–41
Humphrey, Chris The World Upside-Down in Theory and as practice: A New Approach to the Study of Medieval Misrule     Find 21 5–20
Ingram, Reg The Coventry Pageant Waggon     Find 2:1 3–14
Johnston, Alexandra F. ‘And how the state will beare with it, I knowe not’     Find 30 3–25
Johnston, Alexandra F. The Emerging Pattern of the Easter Play in England     Find 20 3–23
Johnston, Alexandra F. Evil in the Towneley Cycle     Find 11 94–103
Johnston, Alexandra F. The Puzzle of the N.Town Manuscript Revisited     Find 36 104-123
Johnston, Alexandra F. Touring Players in the Early Years of Elizabeth: What were they Playing?     Find 31 72–88
Jones, Malcolm with Meg Twycross & Alan Fletcher ‘Fart Pryke in Cule’: The Pictures     Find 23 100–121
Jones, Malcolm Proclaiming and Prognosticating: World Upside-Down Predicted — Official     Find 21 87–102
Jongenelen, Bas & Ben Parsons ‘In Which Land Were You Born?’: Cultural Transmission in the Historie van Jan van Beverley     Find 34 30–76

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