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Reports on Productions

Palmer, Barbara Cycling through High Water to Hell     Find 29 89–103
Parry, David The York Mystery Cycle at Toronto, 1977     Find 1:1 19–31
Parsons, Ben & Bas Jongenelen ‘In Which Land Were You Born?’: Cultural Transmission in the Historie van Jan van Beverley     Find 34 30–76
Pettitt, Thomas Protesting Inversions: Charivary as Folk Pageantry and Folk-Law     Find 21 21–51
Pettitt, Thomas ‘This Man is Pyramus’: A Pre-history of the English Mummers’ Plays     Find 22 70–99
Pettitt, Thomas Tudor Interludes and the Winter Revels     Find 6:1 16–27
Piccat, Marco The figure of Antichrist in the 16th-century Italian Mystery Play: Lo Judicio de la Fine del Mondo (Mondovi, 1510)     Find 11 66–84
Pietrini, Sandra Medieval Fools in Biblical Iconography     Find 24 79–103
Pietropoli, Cecilia The Characterisation of Evil in the Towneley Plays     Find 11 85–93
Portillo, Rafael, and Manuel Gomez Lara Vestiges of Dramatic Performances of the Passion in Andalusia’s Holy Week Processions     Find 8:2 119–131
Price, Jocelyn Theatrical Vocabulary in Old English: A Preliminary Survey (1)     Find 5:1 58–71
Price, Jocelyn Theatrical Vocabulary in Old English (2)     Find 6:2 101–125
Putzel, Steven and J.Reed Needles Toronto, the Pageant Waggon     Find 1:1 32–33
Quirante, Luis The City in the Church: The Consueta De Santa Agata     Find 14 22–36
Ragusa, Isa Goethe’s ‘Women’s Parts Played by Men in the Roman Theatre’     Find 6:2 96–100
Ragusa, Isa The Princeton Index of Christian Art     Find 4:1 56–60
Rastall, Richard Female Rôles in All-Male Casts     Find 7:1 25–51
Rogerson, Margaret Rediscovering Richard Eurich's ‘York Festival Triptych’     Find 23 3–16
Rose, Martial The Magi: The Litter and the Wristed Crown     Find 5:1 72–76
Runnalls, Graham Jean Fouquet’s ‘Martyrdom of St Apollonia’ and the Medieval French Stage     Find 19 81–100
Runnalls, Graham Records of Early French Drama: Archival Research on Medieval French Theatre     Find 17 5–19
Runnalls, Graham Were They Listening or Watching? Text and Spectacle at the 1510 Châteaudun Passion Play     Find 16 25–36
Runnalls, Graham and Sarah Carpenter The Entertainments at the Marriage of Mary Queen of Scots and the French Dauphin François, 1558: Paris and Edinburgh     Find 22 145–161
Rycroft, Eleanor The Play of The Weather in Performance in the Great Hall at Hampton Court    Find 31 13-27
Salvador-Rabaza, Asuncion, and Pamela M. King La Festa d’Elx: The Festival of the Assumption of the Virgin, Elche (Alicante)     Find 8:1 21–50
Salvador-Rabaza, Asuncion, and Pamela M. King The Festa or Misteri of Elx: A Modern Translation of the Sung Text     Find 14:1 4–21
Scattergood, John ‘Familier and homely’: the intrusion and articulation of vice in Skelton’s Magnyfycence     Find 27 34–52
Scattergood, John Skelton’s Magnyfycence and the Tudor Royal Household     Find 15 21–48
Sergi, Matthew Beyond Theatrical Marketing: Play Banns in the Records of Kent, Sussex, and Lincolnshire     Find 36 3–23
Sergi, Matthew Festive Piety: Staging Food and Drink at Chester     Find 31 89–136
Skey, Miriam Festival Waggons in Japan     Find 2:2 74–79
Somerset, Alan ‘Beginning in the Middle …’: Warwickshire Locations and Families, as Audiences for Early Modern Music and Drama     Find 20 77–95
Steenbrugge, Charlotte Books of Accounts in Everyman and Elckerlijc     Find 33 19–44
Steenbrugge, Charlotte ‘O, yowr louely wordys’: Latin and Latinate Diction in Mankind     Find 31 28–57
Stewart, Alan ‘Ydolatricall Sodometrye’: John Bale’s Allegory     Find 15 3–20
Stokes, Jim The Lesser Patrons of Greater Somerset: Minor Sponsorship and Local Records     Find 13 18–26
Streitberger, W.R. Court Performances by the King’s Players, 1510–1521     Find 14 95–101
Streitberger, W.R. The Development of Henry VIII’s Revels Establishment     Find 7:2 83–100
Streitberger, W.R. William Cornish and the Players of the Chapel     Find 8:1 3–20
Strietman, Elsa Biblical Plays in the Low Countries     Find 30 121–136
Strietman, Elsa Report on the Colloquium on Medieval Drama of the Low Countries ‘Middelnederlands Toneel’     Find 5:2 81–82
Strietman, Elsa, and Peter Happé Three Dutch Rhetoricians Plays     Find 26 all
Suematsu, Yoshimichi A Report on the Children’s Kabuki in Tonami and Lomatsu, Japan     Find 22 59–69
Surtz, Ronald E. The Valencian Misteri del Rey Herodes: misogyny, politics, and caste conflict     Find 24 32–43

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