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Reports on Productions

Tailby, John The Role of Director in the Lucern Passion Play     Find 9:2 80–92
Taylor, Andrew ‘To pley a pagyn of þe devyl’: Turpiloquium and the Scurrae in Early Drama     Find 11 162–174
Taylor, David ‘The Tyres that were Lost’     Find 6:2 153–158
Twycross, Meg ‘As the sun with his beams when he is most bright’     Find 12:1 34–79
Twycross, Meg Felsted of London: Silk Dyer & Theatrical Entrepreneur     Find 10:1 4–16
Twycross, Meg The Flemish Ommegang and its Pageant Cars (1)     Find 2:1 15–41
Twycross, Meg The Flemish Ommegang and its Pageant Cars (2)     Find 2:2 80–98
Twycross, Meg Forget the 4.30 a.m. start: recovering a palimpsest in the York Ordo paginarum     Find 25 98–152
Twycross, Meg Review: The Interlude, Linlithgow Palace June 2013     Find 35 147–152
Twycross, Meg The King’s Peace and the Play: the York Corpus Christi Eve Proclamation     Find 29 121 – 150
Twycross, Meg Kissing Cousins: The Four Daughters of God and the Visitation in the N. Town Mary Play     Find 18 99–141
Twycross, Meg The Left-hand-side Theory: A Retraction     Find 14 77–94
Twycross, Meg More Black and White Souls     Find 13 52–63
Twycross, Meg Neque vox neque sensus: The Resuscitation of Wit in Wit and Science     Find 32 81–115
Twycross, Meg A Pageant-Litter Drawing by Dürer     Find 1:2 70–72
Twycross, Meg ‘Say thy lesson, fool’: Idleness tries to teach Ignorance to read (Part One)     Find 33 75–121
Twycross, Meg ‘Transvestism’ in the Mystery Plays     Find 5:2 123–180
Twycross, Meg Two Maid Marians and a Jewess     Find 9:1 6–7
Twycross, Meg Virtuous and Godly Susanna: Exemplum and Allegory; Appendix: The Changing Face of Hester     Find 34 96-154
Twycross, Meg The York Mercers’ Lewent Brede and the Hanseatic Trade     Find 17 96–119
Twycross, Meg and Sarah Carpenter Masks in Medieval English Theatre: The Mystery Plays     Find 3:1 7–44
Twycross, Meg and Sarah Carpenter Masks in Medieval English Theatre: The Mystery Plays 2     Find 3:2 69–113
Twycross, Meg and Sarah Carpenter Materials and Methods of Mask-making     Find 4:1 28–47
Twycross, Meg & Pamela M. King Beyond REED? The York Doomsday Project     Find 17 132–148
Twycross, Meg with Malcolm Jones & Alan Fletcher ‘Fart Pryke in Cule’: The Pictures     Find 23 100–121
Tydeman, Bill Stanislavski in the Garden of Gethsemane: An Interlude     Find 5:1 53–57
Villquin, Jean-Pierre Attraits et outrances du spectaculaire sur la scène Jacobéene: The Travailes of the Three English Brothers: Sir Thomas, Sir Anthony, Mr Robert Shirley (1607)     Find 16 126–141
Walker, Greg A Broken REED?: Early Drama Records, Politics, and the Old Historicism     Find 17 42–51
Walker, Greg Allegory in the Interludes: chronology, taxonomy, and Gorboduc (again)     Find 25 54–70
Walker, Greg ‘Faill nocht to teme your bleddir’: Passing Time in Sir David Lindsay’s Ane Satire of the Thrie Estaitis     Find 22 52–58
Walsh, Martin W. Demon or Deluded Messiah? The Characterisation of Antichrist in the Chester Cycle     Find 7:1 13–24
Walsh, Martin W. The Traditional Mummers’ Play in British Political Drama: Edward Bond’s The Fool (1975) and Vincent Woods’ At the Black Pig’s Dyke (1992).     Find 25 177–186
Wasson, John The St George and Robin Hood Plays in Devon     Find 2:2 66–69
White, Eileen ‘Bryngyng Forth of Saynt George’: The St George Celebrations in York     Find 3:2 114–121
White, Eileen The Disappearance of the York Play Texts — New Evidence for the Creed Play     Find 5:2 103–109
White, Eileen Places for Hearing the Corpus Christi Play in York     Find 9:1 64–76
Williamson, Eila Drama and Entertainment in Peebles in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries     Find 22 127–144
Wright, Clare Acoustic Tyranny: Metre, Alliteration, and Voice in Christ before Herod     Find 34 3–29
Wright, Stephen K. Was There a Twelfth-Century Creed Play at St Emmeram?     Find 18 74–84
Wyatt, Diana The Pageant Waggon: Beverley     Find 1:2 55–60
Wyatt, Diana REED and the Oxford English Dictionary     Find 17 120–131
Wyatt, Diana The Untimely Disappearance of the Beverley Cycle: what the records can and can’t tell us     Find 30 26–38

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