Lancaster University Senior and Principal Fellows

Lancaster University is privileged to have a rich and diverse community of colleagues who have achieved AdHE Senior or Principal Fellowship by demonstrating their sustained commitment to Professional Standards for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education.

All fellows of the HEA (AF/F/SF/PFHEA) must ‘remain in good standing’ and continue to work in line with their relevant Fellow descriptor standard, conforming with the Fellowship of the HEA Code of Practice.

One route by which experienced colleagues with leadership roles, responsibilities and/or sustained practice (eg SF/PFHEA) can demonstrate they are remaining in good standing is to actively participate in the ATLAS community as ATLAS reviewers as well as advocating and supporting colleagues progressing toward submission of claims to achieve a fellowship of any descriptor. Their support is very valuable for individual applicants, the ATLAS scheme and Lancaster University.

Celebrating, leading and contributing to teaching excellence

Lancaster University Senior Fellows Network is an initiative aiming to make a leading contribution to Lancaster’s community of educational practice, striving to raise the profile of teaching across the university, to support the highest quality teaching and learning experience for our students.

Principles by which we operate

  • Collegiality - Supporting our colleagues’ and our own CPD and the scholarship of teaching and learning, fostering an inclusive community of educational practice at Lancaster.
  • Communication - Both within our network, and with the wider institutional teaching community who we work with.
  • Championing - Contributing our experience to help challenge and inform responses to strategic themes of educational enhancement, and to be able to advocate institutional initiatives from an informed perspective.
  • Collaboration - Developing visible, meaningful outputs that support the aims of the network.


All colleagues at the University that have achieved recognition as either Senior or Principal fellows are eligible to join this network. Get in touch if you have recently joined the University and gained Senior or Principal Fellowship at another university and would like to be part of the network.

Also if you would like to become a peer reviewer, don’t hesitate to get in touch - please email