Research themes

Social inequalities in education

This theme considers how inclusive educational policies are enacted in practice. Research focuses on diversity and inclusion in everyday lives and online. Examples include: educational provision for disabled children using digital technology; support for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD).

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Historic building with engraving 'Lancaster & Skerton Equitable Industrial Co-operative society.

Critical pedagogies for social change

This theme investigates teaching and assessment practices, education activism, democratic knowledge, community education, policy, discourse and legislation, and informal learning/education practices from a critical and an interdisciplinary perspective.

Relationships and wellbeing in education

Our research explores practices and policies that emphasise relationality within educational settings, with particular emphasis on gender-mediated relationships. Studies include an evaluation of school strategies for managing children and young people's school relationships and wellbeing.

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Theoretical foundations for social justice education

The Centre has expertise in different approaches to social justice including critical theory, postcolonial theory, feminism and gender studies, the capabilities approach, Marxism, environmental justice and civic activism. These serve to problematize the meaning of social justice and to provide rigorous foundations to explore the relationships between education and social justice.