The Department of Educational Research is a truly international department as we:

  • have an international staff;
  • work with students internationally;
  • are involved in international research;
  • work with agencies and institutions across the world.
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International Collaboration

We are involved internationally

  • giving invited lectures (sometimes in languages other than English);
  • as members of international conference scientific committees;
  • peer reviewing for international scholarly journals;
  • publishing articles in languages other than English;
  • undertaking international postgraduate research training;
  • collaborating with universities and institutions internationally;
  • working with industries internationally for research purposes;
  • hosting events for international delegates;
  • working with international stakeholder groups and non-governmental organisations.

We collaborate internationally

  • chairing international conferences;
  • giving invited keynote talks;
  • refereeing international grant proposals;
  • gaining research funding from EU and international sources;
  • working with governments beyond the UK;
  • producing reports for international agencies, bodies and companies;
  • as members of official national-level collaborative networks beyond the UK;
  • as members of official international collaborative networks.


Members of our Department work widely with other academics, institutions and groups across the world.

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Members of our Department are frequently invited to collaborate in diverse ways with others across the world.

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