Examples of theses from the HEREE programme

Sara Al Dalati (2023) Social justice within assessment/feedback practices in an EAP program.

Ziad Aoudi (2022) A social realist case study exploring the utility of structural-agentic interplay in characterizing the role of agency in the adoption and enactment of teaching approaches in a chemistry department at a higher education institute.

Christine Arthur (2024) A theory-driven approach to evaluate assessment practice that supports students’ learning.

Jonathan Baldwin (2022) The Creative University: The experience of being a creative academic in higher education.

Rachid Bendriss (2023) Re-envisioning Outreach Strategies: A Mixed Methods Case Study of Pursuing Medicine as a Career Choice in Qatar.

John Carty (2021) Assessing work-based learning on tourism and hospitality programmes in Irish higher education – the view from three main stakeholders (students, industry, HEI staff).

Nicholas Catterall (2020) Organisational hierarchies in English universities: Understanding roles and boundaries.

Tak-Lai Cheng (2021) Teacher competence in kindergarten education: Perspective of pre-service kindergarten teachers in the Hong Kong context.

Doris Chong (2020) Under a top-down rubric policy: the perceptions and actualisations of assessment for learning and rubric in higher education in Hong Kong.

Joseph Collins (2019) Lifelong learning as a transformative endeavour: how do part-time mature learners make sense of barriers and opportunities in higher education.

Elizabeth Cook (2023) "For me it's like oxygen”: Using design research to develop and test a relational employability framework.

Sapna Dileesh (2022) Being an academic:Perceptions of expatriate academics.

Carly Foster (2023) Student mental health profiling for targeted and personalised support interventions.

Christine Howing (2022) Employing Master Narratives to Theorise the Missing Men in Higher Education:a grounded theory case study in the UAE.

Michaela Deen ((2022) Deconstructing and reconstructing the student consumer during a crisis.

Ifeatu Efu (2021) Reflection: A means to faculty engagement in meaningful continuing professional development.

Nuala Harding (2022) Reframing pedagogic practices using a social practice perspective to explain and inform change in the Irish Technological Higher Education Sector.

Hosny, Ola (2023) Opening windows and closing gaps: A case analysis of the agenda setting of Egypt’s inclusion policymaking process in Higher Education Institutions.

Natalie-Jane Howard (2023) Beyond the ‘user’: Socio-material storylines of the learning management system and lecturer professional identities.

Christine Howling (2022) Employing Master Narratives to Theorise the Missing Men in Higher Education: a grounded theory case study in the UAE.

Melissa James (2018) Understanding international student recruitment as export marketing behaviour in higher education institutions.

Katrin Kiisler (2021) A realist evaluation of a doctoral mobility programme in Estonia.

Michael Lower (2021) Communities of inquiry pedagogy and consequential transitions in professional education: An action research project in an undergraduate law course.

Denise Mac Giolla Ri (2023) Visualising Threshold Concepts in Social Care through the Semiotic Lens of Inquiry Graphics: Developing Threshold Graphics.

Cheryl McElroy (2021) The gaze of practical intent: An ethnographic exploration of socio-communicative distortions within hobbyists' informal learning spaces.

Toni Mclaughlan (2024) The Comparative Intercultural Sensitivity of American Faculty Teaching Abroad and Domestically: A Mixed-Methods Investigation Employing Participant-Generated Visuals.

Andrea Moloney (2018) From disorientation to reintegration: an exploratory investigation of mature students' engagement in transformative learning.

Gwenda Mynott (2023) Questioning the ideal of the good student: A qualitative study into how business students view their own learning.

David Peet (2017) Change in a university department through the practice lens: an ethnographic study of factors inhibiting and scaffolding success.

Trish Perlen (2023) A Doctrinal Analysis of the Academic Judgment Immunity within Higher Education in England.

Biliana Popova (2023) The University as a Socio-Material Assemblage: Promotional Videos - Codes, Territories, and Globalization.

Kiruthika Ragupathi (2022) Illuminating the interactions between ideologies, academic subjectivities, and practices in a hybrid graded/gradeless learning environment: An ethnographic study deploying the practice lens.

Amy Robertson (2019) Storytelling for learning in a diagnostic radiography community of practice.

Madi Ruby (2021) Beyond Managerialism: Towards a Model of Humanistic-Management.

Alison Said (2020) Vocational teacher educators’ identity: A symbiosis of roles and contexts.

John Scahill (2022) Concept development and transformative agency in the forging of a Campus Sustainability Statement: Insights from a Change Laboratory research-intervention.

Yan Shen (2023) Evaluating the effectiveness of learning activities in a flipped classroom: A case study of an English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) class in a Chinese university.

Wilma Teviotdale (2019) Expanding the scholarship of teaching and learning: multimodality and semiotics of teaching-learning interactions in an undergraduate Accounting programme.

Clare Tyrer (2021) Beyond prescription, rhetoric and routine: A single-site comparative case study of the conceptualisation, enactment and development of mentoring feedback practices in post-compulsory initial teacher education.

Kate Wicklow (2021) Value for Money and the Construction of First in Family Students as Consumers in English Higher Education.

Gabriell Witthaus (2023) Refugees’ Online Learning Engagement in Higher Education: A Capabilitarian Analysis.

Jacqulyn Williams (2022) An Examination of Students' Intercultural Maturity in Course-based Experiential Learning:A Case Study in International Higher Education.