Examples of PhD Educational Research (independent study) theses

Mariam Al Kalbani (2015) Leadership and followership practices in learning organisations: A case study of Abu Dhabi education council.

Charlotte Barrow (2018) Perceptions of learner identity amongst students progressing from a Foundation degree to Honours top-up.

Thomas Cousins (2020) Exploring the promotional advancements for practitioners in British primary school education: ‘Gendered micro-promotions’.

Vicky Gorton (2017) Getting to know QM(s):exploring the actor-networks of quantitative methods across higher education social science subjects.

Peter Hourdequin (2019) Multilingual computer-mediated communication practice and the development of symbolic competence: Insider research from a Japanese university.

Siara Isaac (2021) Epistemic Practices: A framework for characterising engineering students’ epistemic cognition.

Katherine Jones (2018) Literacy and numeracy support for homeless adults: An exploration of third sector employment and skills provision.

Catherine Lee (2018) Assessing the uses and impacts of Facebook for teaching and learning in classroom education contexts in Malaysian universities.

Sejin Lee (2021) Smart teachers as updatable software: A genealogical examination of teacher subjectivity in the era of technology.

Christine Lewis (2019) An auto-ethnographic account of interactional practices in adoptive family relationships.

Chris Marlow (2019) “Oi! Dancing Boy!”: How adolescent boys recuperate masculinity and (hetero) sexuality in dance schools and secondary schools.

Georgia McCrone (2021) Further Education lecturers’ early career development and identity: Policy, practice, and discourse.

Julia McDowell (2018) The whole world in their hands: An investigation of the influence of mobile technologies on learner engagement of primary school children in outdoor settings.

Linsey Morgan (2020) An exploration of the educational experiences of dyslexic school-aged students.

Fe Mukwamba-Sendall (2019) Policy interpreted: The effect of local authority administration and officer perception and practice on national home-education policy implementation.

Afaf Rabehi (2021) Investigating the Status of Intercultural Communicative Competence in Algerian Middle Schools: The Case of the New Curriculum of EFL.

Olga Rotar (2021) Phenomenographic research on adult students’ experiences of learning and conceptualisations of success in their online postgraduate programmes.

Octavia Springbett (2015) Enacting professional identity: An exploration of teacher educators’ entanglement with educational technologies in FE.

Nim Yan Sun (2020) Teaching-learning interactions in the design tutorial through the perspectives of semiotics and symbolic interactionism: A case study in advertising and communication design.

Eloise Symonds (2019) Reframing power relationships in higher education: An integrated understanding of conflicting power relationships and undergraduate subjectivities in the current university climate.

Philip Tubman (2021) Engineering serendipity in large scale learning environments: A design-based research investigation into the impact of visualising peer produced content in real-time in FutureLearn courses.

Masuda Wardak (2020) Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL): Teacher uses of smartphone applications (apps) to support undergraduate students’ English as a Foreign Language (EFL) vocabulary development.

Joana Zozimo (2016) Exploring evaluation using social practice theory in development education: A longitudinal in-depth case study.

Andrea Zschaler (2019) "Help! I am gifted": The development of self-concept (self-theory) and self-esteem amongst gifted students in English secondary schools and the influence of school culture.