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Extracts from Court Books and Rolls: Admittances and Surrenders

Admittances and surrenders at Wythburn, 1765

Picture of admittances and surrenders, Wythburn, 1765

Source: Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle, D/Van/1/9/1


The jury present changes of tenancy, either by descent (that is where a tenant has died and his heir is admitted tenant) or, as here, by purchase: the phrase 'We Find a Deed ...' refers to the conveyance from vendor to purchaser, which would have been shown in court.  The property changing hands is identified primarily by its yearly rent: 9s 10d in the case of the 'tenement' (a house with land) sold by Thomas Allason to Robert Dowthwaite; 3s 3d in the case of the meadow ground with three cattlegates on High Seat Fell.

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