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Cumbrian Manorial Records


Rental of Coniston manor, 1724

Picture of rental of Coniston manor, 1724

Source: Cumbria Record Office, Kendal, WD/Ry, box 21, 'Coniston manorial' file


Rentals were vital in enabling manorial officials to keep track of the sums due from tenants. As in this example from Coniston, they rarely give information other than the tenants' names and the sums of rent due. In this example, three different dues are recorded in the first three columns and the total rent given in the fourth. The three dues at Coniston were 'Land Rent', the normal ancient yearly rent payable to the lord for a holding of land; 'Scrow Rent', paid only by tenants to whom a piece of land called Scrow had been granted for 40 shillings in 1602; and 'Boon loads', a payment in lieu of carriage duties, 'boons' being labour services due to the lord.


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