50th anniversary dinner


We love to welcome our former students back to Fylde, or hear how you are getting on. We hope you take away many fond memories and want to maintain your association with us.

We hold several memorial events every year where teams of alumni play current students at various sports and activities. The Alumni and Development Office also run a full programme of events through the year that appeal to a wide range of interests.

Fylde Alumni Facebook Group

Reconnect with friends and share memories of your time at Fylde by joining our Alumni Facebook Group. You will also find out more about what is happening now and of course, see how "it was better in my day"!

Fylde at 50

In 2019, Fylde College turned 50 years old. We held a fantastic celebration event over a lovely weekend in July, inviting our alumni to join us for tours of the college and an anniversary dinner.

Fylde 50th Anniversary Photos
Fylde alumni deckchair

Lancaster alumni

As a Lancaster alumni, you have access to a range of benefits and services, including discounts, continued Library access, and invites to special events. We also organise our own dedicated events specifically for Fylde alumni.


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