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Welfare and Support

You should never feel that there is no one that could possibly help you with your particular problem, no matter how difficult or trivial it may seem, there is always someone who will understand and advise you. If you pop into the College Office, someone will be able to advise and point you in the right direction. There is a huge network of support stretching from Fylde College; to the Students Union; Student and Education Services and your own academic departments.

Fylde College Advice Team (CAT)

Fylde College has a College Advisor Team of staff who are dedicated to providing support to all Fylde College students. No matter how large or small the problem or query.

The team is led by Kirsty Thornton our Senior Advisor who, together with our Louis our deputy senior advisor, supported by Advisors, Kara, Sam, Hanna and our College Wellbeing Officer, Kate , aims to provide a responsive and useful service.

All Fylde students are allocated to the College Advisor Team and you will see this on your student portal. It is very easy to contact the team via email: or come to the College Office, and Adam the College Manager, will help you get in touch.

The team will respond within 24 hours, during the working week Monday to Friday and will be able to answer your welfare and wellbeing questions and also point you in the right direction of the wide range of university facilities and services that may also be useful to you.

It’s important to say that the team is not just there for when things don’t go well or according to plan and they hold wellbeing events throughout the year. Please feel free to get involved and send ideas of things that you’d like to see.

The Fylde CAT also work closely with the JCR Exec to make sure that all Fylde College members have the information they need to stay as fit, healthy and happy as possible.

Other support

As well as our College Advice Team, there are a number of other support services both within the University and the local area. Below is a brief list of services you may also consider using.


Fylde College Office: The college office is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and Adam, the College Manager will be on hand to help you.

Porters: available 24/7 for any emergency on 01524 593401 or in the Lodge next to Fylde Bar.

Wellbeing Officer Drop-in: Every weekday evening during term time from 6pm to 7pm in the Security Lodge (opposite the Chaplaincy), no appointment is necessary, but time is limited to 20min per person.

University Counselling Team: Please call 01524 592690 in university hours or refer yourself using the self-referral form

Main Security: available 24/7 for any emergency on 01524 594541 – if you require an ambulance, please phone security who can arrange one for you.

Local and National organisations

Non-emergency Medical advice: For medical advice in non-emergency situations, call 111 to be connected to the NHS advice centre. They are available 24/7 and can help direct you to the appropriate services. In an emergency situation, call the 999 emergency line (and remember to inform security if you are on campus).

Lancashire Care Wellbeing and Mental Health: This confidential service allows callers to discuss any mental health problems they may be facing. Call free on 0800 9154640, available Monday to Friday 7pm to 11pm and Saturday/Sunday 2pm-5pm.

Samaritans: Call free 116 123 for 24/7 confidential advice and support

Papyrus: Call free 0800 0684141. A professionally staffed helpline providing confidential support and advice to young people struggling with thoughts of suicide.

External Counselling Services

North Lancashire Counselling Service, free (donations welcomed).

Please note all three services have waiting lists, the University service is typically a couple of weeks, whilst the other two may be a few months or more.

Information and Self Help


Self Help

You may find some of the following links useful for self-help.

Links to other online and local resources can be found on the University Counselling and Mental health webpage.