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Our Community

SCR - Senior Common Room

SCR is the Senior Common Room. All staff members of the University are allocated to a college and hence are members of the Senior Common Room. When we refer to Fylde SCR however we are usually referring to the team of senior members who help to run the college.

Jean Bennett

Jean Bennett - Principal

The Principal is the senior member of the College who is responsible to the Council and the Senate of the University for the College finances and for maintaining the effective working and good order of the College.

Adam Trepak

Adam Trepak - College Manager

Adam is your first port of call for all queries or problems. Drop into the college office for everything from scholarship information, memorabilia, college advisor information, booking of the common room and group study room, Lancaster Award information… or just a chat.

Kirsty Thornton

Kirsty Thornton - College Senior Advisor

The Senior Advisor is responsible for the welfare and support of Fylde students and manages the College’s Advisory Team (CAT).

Read more about our welfare in Fylde.

Denise Rutledge

Denise Rutledge - Accommodation Manager

Denise is responsible for all accommodation-related matters within the college. If you have any problems with your rent payment or communal living issues then tell Denise right away. Please use the planon system to report any problems in your accommodation. Read more about our accommodation on the main undergraduate accommodation pages.

Louise Rae

Louise Rae - Dean

The Dean is a senior member of the College who ensures that there is no breach of university or college rules. Louise is responsible for all disciplinary matters within the College and is aided by the assistant deans who are postgraduate students and live in the college.

SCR teams

Resident Assistant Deans

There are two resident assistant deans in Fylde. For the year 2019/20 these are Georgia Browne and Shannon Delaney. Assistant Deans are postgraduate students who assist the Dean with disciplinary matters and also some welfare issues. You can contact them via the College Office or the Porter’s Lodge if you need them.

College Porters

College Porters are available 24 hours a day for the majority of the year and are responsible for mail, room keys, and general security in and around the college. You can always ask the porters if you need help or information or if you have any sort of problems day or night.

JCR - Junior Common Room

Each college has a JCR (except Graduate College which has a Postgrad Board). This is the Junior Common Room and it basically means each and every member of the college, ultimately YOU! The JCR is represented by the JCR Exec who are an elected body of students who organise events and look after the welfare of its students.

Here at Fylde, the student voice is of the highest importance. That is why the JCR Exec will represent the college in the best way they can at all times!

Erin Kerley

President - Erin Kerley

Hi, I’m Erin, your Fylde JCR president! My role involves ensuring the JCR is run smoothly and that fresh, creative ideas are being generated. I also represent the college in LUSU where I voice the opinions of Fylde members. (e.kerley@lancaster.ac.uk)

Matthew Cartwright

Chair & Democracy - Matthew Cartwright

Hi! I’m Matthew, Fylde’s Chair and Democracy Officer. I’m in charge of running all JCR meetings including our AGM, and organise the elections to the Exec. As Fylde’s treasurer, I also manage the College’s finances and produce the budget. Another important component of my role is to ensure compliance with Fylde and the Students Union’s bye-laws. (m.w.cartwright@lancaster.ac.uk)

Sophie Xiang

Vice-President (Welfare) - Sophie Xiang

Hi, I’m Sophie and I am Fylde’s VP Welfare Officer. Part of my role is to help you settle into university life and guide you to the right support if you have any problems. I want to make sure everybody has a great time in Fylde so please don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any issues! (s.xiang2@lancaster.ac.uk)

Dan Miller

Welfare Officer - Dan Miller

Hi everyone, I’m Dan and I’m one of your Welfare Officers! I’m here to make sure that everyone is happy and doesn’t have any difficulties at during their time at Lancaster. My main focus is on mental health, but if you ever need any help with anything or just someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to get in touch! (d.l.miller@lancaster.ac.uk)

Ciara Sowerby

Welfare Officer - Ciara Sowerby

Hey! I’m Ciara and I’m one of your Welfare Officers here at Fylde. I’m responsible for your wellbeing and my job is to make sure that you have a great time at university. If you have any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me. (c.sowerby@lancaster.ac.uk)

Laura Scott

Vice-President (Socials & Events) - Laura Scott

Hi, I’m Laura, I’m your VP social & events officers. My job in the JCR is planning a wide range of activities so that you enjoy every minute of your time at uni, no matter where you’re from or what you enjoy doing. If there’s anything we’re not doing that you’d like us to then please let us know! (l.p.scott@lancaster.ac.uk)

Zak Elogab

Social & Events Officer - Zak Elogab

Hi I’m Zak, your Socials and Events Officers. I help organise all events run by Fylde College and can’t wait to get started!! If you have any social ideas then please let us know. (z.elogab@lancaster.ac.uk)

Joe Stradling

Sports Officer - Joe Stradling

Hi! I’m Joe, the sports Officer for Fylde! As part of this role, I attend the college sports events, I help organise and run Carter shield and Fylde-County Cup. (j.stradling@lancaster.ac.uk)

Kamil Dada

Sports Officer - Kamil Dada

Hi! I’m Kamil, one of the sports Officer for Fylde! I work alongside Joe in order to attend the college sports events, help organise and run Carter shield and Fylde-County Cup. (k.dada@lancaster.ac.uk)

Megan Turton

Publicity Officer - Megan Turton

Hi! I’m Megan, Publicity Officer for Fylde! As part of this role, I am responsible for producing promotional graphics and materials for Fylde events, such as Freshers Week, Extrav and Winter Ball. Keep an eye out for posters around campus and on social media! (m.g.turton@lancaster.ac.uk)

Eliza George

International Officer - Eliza George

Hi! I’m Eliza, the International Officer for Fylde! As part of this role, I am in charge of running the Fylde goes global event. I am responsible for campaigning the needs of international students, I help out the welfare team at events and work with LUSU on international and cultural societies for help on events. (e.e.george@lancaster.ac.uk)