Commuter Students

We believe Fylde is the best College on campus, we are centrally located so you will have easy access to all the key facilities the campus has to offer. All College events and activities that take place during the year are open to all students, those living on campus and those living elsewhere. You are a valued member of our College and we want to ensure that your integration goes as smoothly as possible.

Our location on campus makes Fylde popular with commuter students. We appreciate the challenges facing commuter students may differ from those facing students that choose to live on campus, and we offer facilities to help our commuter students be more comfortable whilst on campus and to make the transition to University life a little easier.

We invite all new commuter students to an informal welcome meeting shortly after joining the University, this is an opportunity to meet college staff and other new students. All our students are welcome to use College spaces for study and recreation, however, some areas are reserved just for students who don’t live on campus.

Dedicated study space

The Off-Campus Rooms in Fylde are a dedicated quiet study space available to Fylde commuter students. There are study tables, comfy sofas and two computers linked to the University network. The room is open from 7.30am to 10pm during term time. We also have a limited number of lockers which are available to hire for the duration of the academic year. To hire a locker, please contact the college manager. You will need to supply your own padlock.

Within the off campus rooms, there is a small kitchen used by commuter students. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, a kettle, toaster, a hot and cold water tap, and a fridge with a small freezer compartment.

Students can also make use of study space available in other University facilities such as the Library and the Learning Zone. Quiet study rooms are also available in various locations across campus.

Parking arrangements

Commuter students living outside of the defined urban core area can apply for a campus parking permit. For the full guidance, please see Car Parking.