College Membership

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Each college at Lancaster has slightly different facilities and benefits but all have the aim of providing a good environment for study and recreation as well as supporting services to enhance the student experience.

To help the college achieve this aim every student is asked to pay a one-off College Membership Fee when they arrive. For full-time students, this is £40 and for student visitors at Lancaster for a year or less or Foundation Students, this is £15. Only 1/6th of the total college expenditure is raised through the membership fee and this money is put to various uses by the college:


Part of the fee is used to support the welfare of college members through the college advisory system, welfare campaigns, events and drop-ins run by College Officers and the JCR


The colleges offer a variety of events throughout the year which are subsidised by college fees. These include arrivals day welcome dinner, Welcome Week activities and refreshments, end of year celebrations and days out. The fee also supports other opportunities such as Career talks, Lancaster Award briefings and personal development workshops.


Fylde has a scholarship fund which is used to help students travel to conferences, internships, LUSU international trips and dissertation travel prizes for various achievements and challenges, such as outstanding academic achievement, travel grants and postgraduate scholarships.


The fee is also used to enhance the college social and study spaces including décor, furniture, IT/AV, support for the College Sports teams, recreational equipment and refreshment facilities.