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Find out everything you need to know about parking at Lancaster University.

RingGo Cashless Parking Solution is now in place across all visitor car parks. Visitors can pay for their parking via app, by phone or using the RingGo website. Detailed instructions on using RingGo to pay for parking are signposted at all visitor car parks.

All pay-and-display parking on campus is cashless. Our parking machines accept card payments only (contactless and chip & pin). Payment by cash is not possible. This applies to sales of all parking permits, RingGo payments and payments at the parking machines.

Accessible Parking Spaces

Dedicated accessible parking spaces are provided throughout the campus for Blue Badge holders and those with a University Accessible Parking Permit. Locations of accessible parking spaces can be viewed on the Campus Map.

Parking is free for valid Blue Badge holders. Blue Badges will be honoured for single use but a University Accessible Parking Permit should be obtained for continued use by eligible students and staff.

Sometimes students and staff apply for a University Accessible Parking Permit at a similar time to applying for a Blue Badge. If the Blue Badge is pending approval at the time of an application for an Accessible Parking Permit then provided written confirmation is provided from the local authority that your application is being processed, up to 90 days of free accessible parking can be arranged. This enables time for the Blue Badge to be issued and a copy of it to be provided to the University.

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Blue Badge and Accessible Permits

Accessible Parking Permit charges are in line with other parking permit charges at the University. If you have a valid Blue Badge these charges will not affect you. The annual price for students for 2023/24 is £160. The annual price for staff is dependent upon grade and FTE level. Please see further details on the Staff Parking page.

Students and staff can refer to the Accessible Parking Permits Eligibility Guidelines on the Policy and Enforcement page for eligibility details and how to apply. Important information for students can also be found on the Campus Accessibility and Parking webpage.

Find out below about the 1-day Staff Accessible Scratch Card.

Daily Accessible Scratch Cards are available for eligible staff.

These are priced exactly the same as the standard staff scratch cards at £2.80 each (£14 per strip of 5 cards), however, these are valid in all accessible parking bays as well as in staff parking zones and on South West Campus.

The Car Parking Team will assess eligibility for these scratch cards. Subject to confirmation of your eligibility, Accessible Scratch Cards will be available for you to purchase shortly after on the Online Store.

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Parking at Chancellor's Wharf and the Health Innovation Campus

A system of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras enforces parking at Chancellor's Wharf and the Health Innovation Campus (HIC).

Important: Anyone eligible to park at Chancellor's Wharf and HIC must ensure their vehicle details are registered with the University as authorised to park at Chancellor's Wharf and have paid the required parking fee.

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