Introducing our Student Call Team!

Our Call Team are 30 Lancaster students with a range of degree majors and backgrounds. They talk to our alumni and friends to give information about the University and encourage them to support various University-wide projects, including the College 1000 and our Defying Dementia Campaign.

Our Student Call Team

We want to make a difference

The Friends Programme is a long-term fundraising initiative which has been going since 2001. Its aim is to raise funds from our alumni and friends to support the University. Our call team is just one aspect of the fundraising activities here at Lancaster University. Our student callers are enthusiastic and dedicated students who truly want to make a difference to our University.


About us

Our team really look forward to speaking with you and if you would like to be called, please contact James March. We operate call shifts October-November, Late January-March, Late-April-Early May and one week in June. We call our alumni and friends in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. If you would like to be called and live in a different country, please contact us here.

The number our students call from is 01524 510782.

Our Student Callers


Tadi - Psychology Student and Student Caller

Why did you become a member of the Call Team?

I became a member of the College 1000 team after a friend recommended me to join a team where we could help fundraise for the University, by speaking to alumni. When I found out that the money raised actually benefits us as students directly, I wanted to be involved in helping other students, whilst having the chance to speak to many different people from a wide scope of backgrounds. When I found out about many of the different causes we support such as Defying Dementia, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of!

What is it like speaking to Alumni?

At first I was really nervous about speaking to Alumni, however now, I find it amazing hearing everyone’s stories about university, and how Lancaster University has benefitted them in their lives. I often just love to laugh and hear funny anecdotes about people’s flatmates and times in societies. It’s also wonderful to hear how people’s journeys change, and though they started on one path, life led them to another.

Why would you encourage people to donate to Lancaster University?

I would encourage alumni to donate to Lancaster University as it is a fantastic opportunity to give back to a place which helped them in their career, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to support students who are here now. The many causes that Lancaster supports not only impacts students but the life of others in Lancaster and around the world. It’s an amazing chance for people to give a little, but impact so many lives through donating.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the Telephone Campaign?

    The Telephone Campaign is run by the Development and Alumni Relations Office at Lancaster University, where we aim to raise money for various projects across the campus including scholarships and medical research, update our alumni on events, ask for feedback and help with any queries that they might have

  • Why is there a Call Team and who are they?

    Our Call Team are there to update you and help as well as inform you about our fundraising campaigns. The team is made up of about 35 student staff, who have a passion for fundraising and talking about the University. The team are paid and there is no commission. They are paid from the University centrally, there is no compensation from your donation.

  • When should I expect a call?

    We call in the UK Monday-Thursday 6pm-9pm October-November, Late January-March, Late April-Early May and one week in June. We call the USA on Sundays 4pm-8pm (GMT) October-November and February-March. Unfortunately we do not call any other countries, but if you would like a call and live in another country, please let us know.

  • I missed the student's call. How can I call them back?

    Unfortunately you cannot call the students back, due to the software that we use. You will be called again, but if you would like a specific time, please email us.

  • Ok, I have been persuaded. How can I donate?

    You can donate over the phone with the caller, it is completely safe and you will receive a payment statement over e-mail (if you have donated a single gift) and via post (if you have set up a direct debit with us). You can also donate online or through the post with a donation form which the caller can send you or you can find on the donation form. For any further enquiries, please contact us.

  • I do not wish to be called. How can I inform the alumni department?

    If you would not like to be called, please email us or call us on 01524 594109. You can also update your profile on the alumni site to not receive calls.

  • Can I change the date my Direct Debit starts from?

    For administrative purposes all Direct Debit donations to the university are processed on the 17th of each month. If you would like to set up a regular donation to the university from another date of the month, you can do so by setting up a standing order with your bank.

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