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Welcome to the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation Consultancy Services

Preparing your organisation for the future

Our consultancy services translate our world class research knowledge into real impact for our partners. We work with businesses of all sizes, charities and public sector organisations on a consultancy basis to translate this knowledge into new commercial products, innovative services and ways of working.

Our aim is to provide flexible solutions that positively impact upon the way your organisation works.


We have worked with clients across a broad range of sectors, including large international companies, public sector bodies, SMEs, and academics from a variety of disciplines.

  • Business and industry
  • Energy systems and networks
  • Environment and agriculture
  • Soils and Water

Specialist areas of support

The examples below represent a non-exhaustive summary of the kind of services we regularly provide to clients. We receive a wide range of requests from tackling specific scientific problems, or undertaking practical or theoretical analysis, to strategic reviews or specialist advisory input.

We're experienced in developing bespoke services to suit the requirements of individual organisations. An escalator of support is available in collaboration with a wide range of staff from across the University’s specialisms, enabling a multi-disciplinary approach to be brought to problem-solving where required.

Requests include:

  • Direct access to our team of thought leaders for insight
  • Strategic advice in specialist areas of knowledge
  • Expert reports and expert witness services
  • Analysis, evaluation or benchmarking
  • Briefings on technical or policy developments
  • Professional training, short courses and masterclasses
  • Research Laboratory Services
  • Contract research for proprietary solution ownership

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Carbon reporting for businesses
  • Assessment of environmental impacts and ecosystem service provision
  • Environmental monitoring, modelling and metrics advice
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Innovative solutions to environmental issues
  • Corporate social responsibility reporting (CSR)
  • Low carbon energy generation solutions
  • Recycling and reuse challenges
  • Technology use for low-carbon futures

The above are, of course, only examples. If you have a challenge and are looking for support to identify solutions, provide analysis, undertake evaluation or just want to seek the advice of an independent expert, then do get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

Get in touch

If you think we may be able to support you with expertise or input, do get in touch and let us know, we’ll be happy to discuss your opportunity. Please contact:

Ruth Alcock

Dr Ruth Alcock

Head of Enterprise & Business Partnerships