We are pleased to work on business R&D projects spanning themes, sectors, and disciplines. What each project has in common is a drive to deliver low carbon technologies and solutions.

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Wave to Watts

“The project presents a great opportunity to really push this technology forward and get our products into the market place. The ability to access university resources, expertise and facilities is proving invaluable to the development of our product.” Director, Adam Kyffin

Force Technology

“We’re halfway through a collaborative Phd project with the Centre for Global Eco-innovation which is modelling complex scenarios to uncover potential product issues. We’ve already seen results which we didn’t expect until the end of the project. This is proving to be incredibly useful research and having access to university facilities and expertise is allowing us to progress quickly and apply this technology to other areas of the business. We expect the company to grow by around 150% over the next 18 months.” Steve Williams, Managing Director

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EA Technology

“This research is essential if we are to meet the future energy demand created by the increased adoption of electric vehicles. The UK Government’s industrial strategy has shown this to be an important area of development which we’re proud to be contributing to.” Nick Storer, Project Director

Chester Community Energy

"The quality of the students was high and the society was very pleased to offer the internship to an experienced and motivated postgraduate student." Graham Booth, Director

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ginger bakers

The Ginger Bakers

"The work being undertaken by Edward will be incredibly useful to enable me to take my company to the next step. Knowing potential market opportunities will help me plan ahead and reduce the risk to my business." Lisa Smith, Managing Director

JBA Trust

"We are supporting this research to help ensure that the latest scientific understanding of the relationship between climate change and air quality can be communicated to business and decision makers at municipal or national levels and NGOs. That understanding may have profound implications for multiple sectors including health, transport and urban planning." Professor Rob Lamb, Director


Silverwoods Waste Management

"Working with the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation has allowed us to take steps in producing research led products that provide sustainable alternatives to conventional agricultural management practices. Obtaining a greater understanding of the environmental effects of applying BPD within agricultural situations will undoubtedly provide Silverwood's with a commercial advantage. We will be able to provide a more informed explanation of the benefits of BPD application, allowing us to increase the sale value of our products." Julian Silverwood, Managing Director

United Utilities

"Until now the only way of using it to treat the huge volumes has been using traditional technology that uses mercury in glass bulbs. But with the potential to be up to 90 per cent more energy efficient, as well as more reliable, easier to maintain and safer,Typhon's new LED version was a brilliant idea we wanted to develop." Kieran Brocklebank, Head of Innovation


Lancashire Environmental Services

"This experience certainly exceeded expectations. Ben invested time in getting to know us, the business, and the sector. We are now excited to implement measures that will help us become a more sustainable waste and pest control business." Paul McCann, Managing Director