Graduate College

What Our Students Say

‘Graduate College is a safe and comfortable place to study. The officers are friendly, helpful, and they understand the problems faced by an international student like me. In addition, there are some trips organized by Graduate College with some cheap tickets, so I have chance to travel around UK with my limited money.’ Noor – Indonesia

‘Being a part of a Graduate College community helped me to strike the right balance between my PhD studies and enjoying a great social life. Quiet accommodation areas, helpful and supportive staff and a fun and friendly social network are all the things I wished for as a postgraduate student and which I found here.’ Oksana – Ukraine

‘I have been in Graduate College since my first year in Lancaster. The college gives you not just the place to stay but also the facilities that you need. All the staff are really helpful and friendly. These are the best three year of my student life.’ Pakchiara – Thailand

‘Living in Graduate College provides the perfect combination of a tranquil environment for your studies, and also all you need for a full social life in a multinational community.’ Charis – Cyprus

‘Graduate College is a global community attracting diverse members from all corners of the world. The living environment is of world class, setting an exceptional standard, which is without doubt beyond the scope and capacity of all other types of accommodation providers.’ Ghayas – United Kingdom