Dr Paul Cureton

Senior Lecturer in Design (People, Products, Places)

Research Overview

Paul Cureton is a Senior Lecturer in Design (People, Products, Places) ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University. Paul is also a Senior Research Fellow in Landscape & Infrastructure, Birmingham City University, UK working on Hs2. Primary research interests include Future Cities, GIS, UAVs, urban mapping & modelling exploring connected technologies and innovation. Paul has delivered keynotes, consultancies and curated several exhibitions. Recent publications include explorations of the work of Lawrence Halprin in Rhythm, Agency, Scoring & the City in ‘Landscape & Agency: Critical Essays’, and the monograph; Strategies for Landscape Representation: Digital and Analogue Techniques (Routledge, 2016) as well as the co-authored report A Visual History of the Future (Government Office of Science 2014). Cureton & Dunn are due to publish a new book, Future Cities: A Visual History, (Bloomsbury, 2019).

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